“For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people” (1Pet 2:15)


Few days ago I remembered something that happened to me when I was in the kindergarten in Romania, the country of my birth. This true story is almost 60 years old. I completely forgot about it but suddenly, the Holy Spirit brought it to my memory. “Thank You dear Holy Spirit…”


I was 5 or 6 years old. I was attending a nice kindergarten close to our house. I remember that from the very beginning, I always loved going to school. I loved the challenges of meeting other children. Anyway, in this kindergarten food was not supplied to the children. Each one of us we needed to bring our own food from home. Each morning, mother will lovingly prepare our sandwiches, for me and my younger sister, Adica.


One particular year, we had a new teacher. She came to the class with a new ‘law’. She said that each one of us should give her part of our food so that she will give it to the poor children who had none. I was impressed. During break time, just before we eat, we make a long line so that one by one we come to the front of the class and place on the table part of our food. Then we can eat what was left. Each day the pile of ‘donated’ food was getting bigger. My mother was also a teacher. When I told her about the new ‘auntie’ in school, mother said that she has no right to do so. I was a little confused about all this, but we all continue to obey her law.


With time I discovered that the poor children still had nothing to eat. Then rumors came that this new teacher has a pig at home and she feeds it with our food. I also heard that if any child refused to co-operate with her law, she will punish that child. She could not do it openly but indirectly. That is why the children feared her.  My confusion increased the more… I became upset with the whole thing… I was not a Christian. I did not know of anybody around me who was religious. But looking back, the grace of God was upon my life, for even then, I never accepted things passively. As a child, I asked questions and I expected answers. I loved reading books. This is how our parents trained us. Foolishness was never seen as a virtue.


Let’s go back to the story… One day, in my little mind, I made a plan. I said to myself: ‘This auntie says that the food is for the poor children. I personally know that some children come to school and go back home hungry. I will not give the teacher part of my sandwich anymore. I will personally give part of my lunch to any hungry child I see. If she asked me why I am not joining the line to place my food on the table, I will explain why.  I decided not to be afraid of her. This was a big decision for a six year old. One day the teacher asked me why I am disobedient to her law. I explained that I do what she said is a good thing; that I gave part of my food to children who have none. I also said that by doing this, I make her work easier. She was angry but she said nothing. Even as a child I knew the taste of victory. I continued to share my food even after this teacher was fired from her job.  I never saw her again.


This incident thought me many lessons:

*You can learn something good even from a wicked person.

*Doing good is a good thing! Goodness may sometimes be misinterpreted. But if your conscience is clear, and if you continue to do good, the wicked people will be silenced. They will be unable to attack you with their tongues, at least not openly.

*The power of goodness is a weapon against evil.

*I can confront wickedness and win.

These lessons remained with me all my life.


Many years have passed since then. I am now a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  As a Christian, I now have the backing of the Word of God. I expect much more from myself. I continue to use goodness as a blessing, investing seeds in the lives of my family and friends. I also use good deeds as a weapon in spiritual warfare. It never fails. Practical goodness is very powerful. Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit and then you will be able to do the same. This life style is a very interesting and joyful way of being a champion. I love it! You too, try goodness and see what happens! All glory to God!



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