“No trial has overtaken you that is not faced by others. And God is faithful: He will not let you be tried beyond what you are able to bear, but with the trial will also provide a way out so that you may be able to endure it” (1Cor 10:13)

This scripture is safely stored in my heart and I have used it many times to strengthen myself in The Lord. More than twelve weeks ago I fell and broke my ankle. I am now recovering from that fracture. My cast has been removed. I started walking with two crutches, then one crutch and now, with ‘just’ a walking stick (which I intend to throw away as soon as possible). We are now on a vacation, planned since last year. I had to strengthen my faith to go even though I still have pain, a swollen leg and I am limping. Two times in one day I was tempted to ‘backslide’ from my healing faith. This is my story…

At Lagos airport we had to wait for a time. I saw a place where they had comfortable chairs. They said that the place is designed for ‘the pregnant women, the elderly and the sick’ to rest. My husband and I went there to ask if can seat for a while. The young man (about 30 years old) in charge of the place saw me limping with a crutch. He said that I cannot seat. He said I should go to my airline and bring a note from them that I am ‘qualified’ to use a wheel chair. My husband told him that my leg was broken, that is why I am using a crutch but that by faith, I refuse to seat in a wheelchair and be pushed around by another. He stubbornly insisted that without that ‘wheelchair note’ I cannot seat there even though almost all the seats were empty. We did not want to argue and decided to just stand there, next to their sign board. (I was happy in my heart that at least he did not ‘qualify’ us as ‘elderly’).

I was really surprised at the un-welcoming attitude of this man, especially as we prayed before the trip, that we may find favor with strangers. Suddenly, a Nigerian woman of about my age who was seated there came to my ‘rescue’. She begged and begged that man who was in charge saying that ‘you never know who you reject in this life in the day of visitation’ and that my husband looked like a pastor… Anyway, suddenly the man left and another came to start the shift. This one was very nice and begged us not to be offended and told us to seat down thee for as long as we want. Thank God that my need for rest did not made me to ask for the ‘wheelchair note’.

When we arrived in Houston, as usual, there were many wheel chairs waiting for any passengers who needed them. They were almost calling my name to ‘enjoy’ the comfort they provided. Thank God that I did not even ‘greet’ these wheelchairs and limping on my crutch went ahead like that.

The desire for an ‘easy life’ is a strong temptation. But my desire for a spiritual victory is always greater than my need for temporary comfort. So, this is my testimony: I rejected the wheelchairs for the glory of God, for the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of others. I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me! Praise The Lord!

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