“I was asleep, but my heart was awake. There’s a sound! My beloved is knocking. “Open up for me, my sister, my darling, my dove, my perfect one. For my head is drenched with dew, my hair with the dampness of the night” (SS 5:2)

Yesterday I spend the day with our daughter and her baby. Her husband has gone to work. I observed that her phone has two types of ring tones. There was the regular official tone for everybody calling. Then there was another tone, ringing a sweet music of love, coming from her husband. That is how she knew when he was the one ringing. She ignored the crowd tone some few times. But when the phone was ringing that special music she always ran to the phone, place the phone on her ears and went to a secret place to converse with her husband. I think this is wonderful… May all married women take this as an example…

Read the scripture above… The Bride knows the sound of her Lover. Even if she is sleeping, ignoring the sounds of the world, her heart is forever alive to the call of her Christ. She cannot resist it. She does not want to resist. Keeping spiritually awake is the work of grace in the heart of the child of God. The Lover complains that He is wet with the dew or the night. It means that He has been standing outside too long. The Bride still has to learn how to act fast at the sound of love. That is not time to stretch your tired legs. That is no time to look for excuses… The Lover calls and she must run to the door. That speedy running is counted as love! Lazy love is failed love!

The unbeliever knows nothing about this. The spiritual ‘goat’ sleeps all the time. She loves her sweet green grass bed more than anything else. She loves her soft hay pillows more than her marriage. A goat is too independent to be a good wife. She only awakes when her belly is empty and it is time to look for food. Love has no sound or taste for the unbeliever. This is wisdom: Do not marry an unbeliever because you will spend the night outside the door, lonely and tired of knocking…

In Christ I declare: I am a child of God… I am a sheep…The Lord is my shepherd… I shall not want… By the grace of God I shall not be found wanting of love… I shall not ignore the voice of my Savior, of my Lord… I shall run towards Him any time He is calling me… I hate to sleep alone, to be comfortable and happy when my Lover is still outside the door… I shall not take His loving voice for granted…I shall not frustrate His grace… I shall love Him more than any other person, including my very life, for without Christ I am nothing…. My heart shall forever be awake and sensitive to His voice… I shall not grieve the a Holy Spirit… I shall not make provision for the flesh… I am dead to the lusts of the flesh… Revival is my portion… My spirit longs for the voice, for the touch of my Lover…in Jesus name, amen!

‘Even so come Lord Jesus, the Spirit and the Bride says ‘Come!’


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