“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you” (Ac 1:8)

The prayer meeting started well. The praise was good and strong. We praised Jehovah, the covenant keeping God. At the beginning, the brethren were quite shy to enter the presence of God. The evil spirit of religion was a hindrance. The brethren were spiritually passive. We had to do warfare against the evil powers of darkness, the spirits of fear, intimidation, manipulation, Jezebel, water spirits, doubt, discouragement and confusion. We destroyed the spell placed on them by occult powers. I was sure that the people of God were hungry. I could hear the rumblings of their (spiritual) stomachs. But the hunger was not strong enough to push them on. There was a battle in the atmosphere. Led by the Holy Spirit, we sang a prayer: “Do something new in my life, something new in my life, something new in my life, Oh, Lord…”


Because of my broken leg I did not attend the ‘Saturday Class’ for about three months. I was very hungry to be (re) filled with the Holy Spirit in the midst of the brethren.  But my reflexes of a mother kicked in. I had to wait until ‘the children’ eat and drink first. They did so slowly, carefully. At last, there was a breakthrough. The Holy Spirit came down closer to us. I could ‘feel’ Him as a weight, as a burden on my heart. That holy pressure was the signal for me personally. I freely dived into the river of Living Waters to cleanse and to drink. For the next few minutes I was only partially aware of the people around me. The Living God became very real to me. It is hard to explain… I stood in the light of God’s glory. I felt light and at peace; totally satisfied that I did not miss my holy moment. Yes, it is good to go to the House of the Lord! Nothing compares with the presence of the Holy Spirit filling a room in response to believers seeking God with all their hearts.  Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit we sang: “Jesus who died, He is now glorified! He is King of all kings!” Jesusssssssssssssss!!!!!! Hallelujah!

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