I received a beautiful letter from a sister in Christ who lives in teh US. She was a missionary in Nigeria for 7 years. We became friends during her stay here, when she needed a medical doctor. Many people who call themselves Christians go to church. But very few know and understand the powerful royal way of the Cross. She is one of these very few… Please read and pray about these words…

“Good Afternoon Lia,
You are on my mind today so I thought to take a moment to write you. First of all, I hope you and Richmond are doing very well. It must feel amazing to see that the work you began on Father’s House, has come to completion. What a joy to see what Father has done through His people. I’m sure you rehearse the past years of walking through what must have seemed difficult and without end. Look what God has done.

I’ve thought many thoughts about your injuries when you fell, and your healing and the time spent in humility before the Lord as you healed. Isn’t it something that many times God uses what seems to be something negative, to bring forth so much of HIs glory. He delights to show His faithfulness and bring forth fruit from our situation. I so enjoyed your reports of what the Lord did in you during your time spent away from people and the festivities of church life, or as we know it is really “life in the body”. I think you know that I love to garden, whether it is with fruits and vegetables, or flowers. I find the most amazing truths in the garden, and I have the most amazing times with the Father while gardening. Gardening is hard backbreaking work sometimes, but the fruits that come from all our work, is the reward in the end. I have come to realize that in order to bring forth real beauty from many plants that flower, many times I have to break off limbs, leaves, flowers, etc., in order to get a future plant that will be profusely beautiful in the future. In fact, I was just outside on the deck looking at the flowers who have endured after a long hot summer. They have become quite parched and dry in places, though still producing.

Now that the cooler weather is beginning to set in, they are starting to “green up” and the production of new flowers and new growth is setting in. I have noticed that many of the lower stalks of the plants have many flowers on them, but the stalks look dry and burned. I had thought a few days ago that I would leave them on the plant so I could enjoy their flowers, but as I was looking this morning, I began to realize that for the health of the whole plant, I need to break off those flowering stalks that hang down so beautifully, so they can come back with new growth, new health, and new beauty. In fact, the whole plant was hoping I would cut off the lower branches because it was taking much nutrients to keep them alive and blooming.!! 🙂 So, I finally gave in and cut the stalks off that made the lower flowers hang down the pot.

In thinking of how the Lord pulls us back sometimes from what looks fruitful, and what looks like it needs our help, I have come to realize that the master gardener truly knows much much better than we do how to bring forth the most beautiful, most fragrant , and most useful parts of the plant. So my friend, I rejoice with you that your time of rest ( or dormancy as in the case of all things that grow) has ended and you are in a new fruit bearing season. One time the Lord spoke so clearly to me as I was driving in the countryside about all of the trees that were missing their leaves in the winter. They look so dry and so ugly during the winter, but the Father said that without the winter dormant period, we are unable to see the true structure and state of the tree. In the winter, we can take stock of all parts of the branches, we can see if there is disease, see if there are places that need special attention, or limbs that need to be lopped off due to disease, or parts of the tree that need something to kill the bugs that are attacking it. So winter is so important in God’s plan. Your description of what the Lord had done in you during your recovery, was so very precious. You will always cherish those amazing times you had with the Lord.

I will never forget when the Lord began to slowly let us know that He would be bringing us back here, we could hardly believe it, or bear the thought of leaving there, because that year was the most fruitful of all our years spent. My thought was…”why would the Lord remove us during our most fruitful season”? Little did we know we would face a long winter winter of purging and pruning with periods of fruitfulness mixed with amazing times of seeing the Lord move. It was there we begin to see that all the pain we went through here was pruning so God could get the most glory out of us. It really take s a lifetime of a very patient and loving Lord who so willingly takes all the time needed to bring us into His glory and fruitfulness. So, I am rejoicing with you Lia that you are being made ready for greater fruitfulness, greater understanding and revelation, and greater love than ever before.

Your sister and friend,



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