“But the LORD said to Samuel: “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart” (1Sam 16:7)


This is a note from a young man who attends our church for a while. He is a born again committed believer. He came to my office earlier this year for counselling and prayers. He is successful as a business man. But he had some negative experiences as he was planning to marry. He told me that he has found a lady during his NYSC and that he proposed marriage to her. She agreed to his proposal. He wanted me to pray about it. I told him that the first thing he should do is to bring his plans to marry this particular lady on the altar of God. The altar speaks! Only God knows the people’s hearts. We prayed that if this lady is his ‘rib’ then let God bless them and help them marry in peace. But if this lady is not his destiny then let God (and not the devil) separate them. This is a ‘standard spiritual procedure’ with all young men and women who come for prayer as they prepare for marriage. God has to speak into the matter. It is not our emotions that should rule in a serious decision as marriage. As a Christian, you must be ready to say: let God’s will be done! We prayed and he went home. I did not see him since then. This is his letter. God answered his prayer. Not in a way he wanted it, but he accepted God’s will for his life. He is now recovered from the pain of disappointment and life goes on. If you have any word of counsel or prayer for him, please write as comment. He will read it and learn from you. Let’s help one another. God bless you dear brethren!


“Good morning Malia, I came to you for counsel in the month of April. I couldn’t return much earlier since you weren’t around for a while. It turned out that the answers to your prayers for me came instantaneously. I did as you counselled, I told my fiancée that my Pastor would like to see her and that she could come over to Warri to spend sometime. She gave me some excuses and said she was going to think about it. There was a sudden breach in our communication thereafter until she called me one day to tell me that her former crush was coming back and that she is confused and it seem he has a stronger hold on her.  To cut a long story short, she is presently married. She got married in the month of July. I would have been heartbroken but for the prayers we made. God suddenly intervened. It became clear that I was previously on the wrong track. I am now waiting on God for direction.


I greatly appreciate your counsel and prayers ma. God has been gracious to me in my business and in pursuing His call on me. My life has been much easier since after the prayers, the burden of fear and isolation has left me. Your ministry has blessed me, and that of TaLeigh. I’ll ever be grateful to God for making me a part of His family in Fathers House Bible Church. To God be the glory! Your son…”

2 comments on “GOD LOOKS AT THE HEART

  1. Akah David says:

    ma please pray for me from the spirit of gambling i have been gambling for 3 years and nothing

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear David, gambling starts like fun but later it becomes a stronghold for evil spirits. You need to give your life to Jesus Christ, to become born again. After that, you need to desire deliverance from the evil spirits that influence your mind to gamble and do other foolish and wicked things. You need to hate sin! “Jesus was manifested on earth to destroy the works of the devil” (1Jn 3:8). Trust in Jesus Christ and you shall be saved and delivered from all addictions! I pray for you… Come back with a great testimony!

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