Sister Onos went to be with the Lord. She was 29. She was married with two little daughters. It is a painful and untimely death. She died following a domestic accident. She was a committed believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and a member of the choir in our church.

Last week brother Prince asked her when is she coming back to sing with the choir full time. She said that her second baby is still little. But he insisted: ‘When?’ She said ‘Soon’. He said ‘How soon?‘ Then she smiled and answered singing: “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King…” Looking back, her answer was prophetic. The Holy Spirit prepared her to join the heavenly choir. Great is Thy faithfulness Oh, Lord…

As her pastor I believe that she went to heaven. I have peace about her soul. Please pray for her husband, Abraham Bello and their two daughters. Pray that God will help, strengthen, comfort and guide them from now on. Pray for the members of Father’s House Bible Church that we may use this pain to worship God even more. Also pray for her parents and the other siblings that they may draw closer to God even in this painful time. Like Job of old we say: God gave and God had taken away! Praise be the name of the Lord!


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