Our prayer meeting this evening was very good. All glory to God! We praised Jehovah God who is ‘fearful in praises and always doing wonders’.  We prayed and worshipped God in English, Tongues and Nigerian languages. We prayed against the evil spirit of homosexuality, foolishness and religion. We declared that God is on our side and that nothing is impossible for Him to do! We sand: ‘Lord, You are able, more than able, to accomplish what concerns me today…You are able, more than able, to do much more than I can ever dream… You are able, more than able, to make me what You want me to be”. Then the word of God came: The sermon was from the Book of Joshua 8 and it was called “How to ambush your Ai” or “Don’t forget your matches”.


The children of God won a great victory of faith against Jericho. But they failed to defeat the small town called Ai, whose name means ‘a heap of ruins’. The defeat was because of sin in the camp. Once the sin was dealt with, the victory is sure. The Holy Spirit is redirecting our attention and memory to the past, to revisit the place of failure. We need to confront that failure again. This time, lead and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we shall prevail.


In the place of past failure God says: “Do not be afraid and do not be discouraged”. There is fear in the valley of failure. But God says fear not to go there are conquer it.  A man’s character is not defined by how he behaves when he is promoted. His value as a man is defined by the way he behaves when he is demoted. The devil wants you to withdraw, to backslide when you are fallen. Do not give up when you are down. In Christ, there is hope for you even in the valley of sin, shame and failure. God says: ‘I have given you the city…’  When you depend on God, His plan, strategy and timing, the victory is sure!


The root of failure: unconfessed sin! Failure means you live day by day for years, in a cloud of defeat, hopelessness, depression and shame! No fruits and no testimonies! Your attitude to sin determines your future prosperity. You can have victory over your failure! If you do not confess your secret sins you can never have victory! Your past does not have to determine your future!


God said that you should attack Ai with an ambush. This is God’s strategy. An ambush is a form of attack that takes advantage of secrecy. You need a word of wisdom from God. In the military textbooks, an ambush is described as a complex battle. It requires a particular timing and a particular place. The soldiers divide themselves into two groups. All the soldiers must know their job very well. All must be coordinated. The unity of the Spirit must be established between the group that attacks and the one behind that provides ‘cover fire’. A successful ambush can take over the resources of the enemy. Husband and wife can pray ‘ambush’ prayers and arrest the resources of the enemy passing thru their marriage. It requires the unity of the Spirit. They need to trust each other with their lives. But the gains are great. You do not need to work hard to have a financial breakthrough. Do successful spiritual warfare and the millions will come. If what I say sounds phony to you, I am not talking to you. But for the rest who humble themselves and desire to stand for the Lord, may God grant you that grace, in Jesus name, amen!

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