Our prayer meeting was very good. Today it also rain heavily but the people came to pray and praise God. It is very encouraging to any pastor to see people coming to church, especially during the week. God bless you, members of Father’s House Bible Church! You are a blessing to me! The adults and the children praised God. Then the Word came: 
“So Peter was kept in prison, but earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church” (Ac 12:5). The word ‘earnest’ means to be serious and passionate in motives, effort and purpose. In Greek it means ‘to pray without ceasing’, pray constantly, continually and fervently (meaning with great passion, hot, glowing like gold in the fire). As a church, we should pray more, not less! We should pray individually, as families and as a church. In Acts 12 you see the power of what is called ‘congregational prayer’. These are some lessons about the importance of praying together as a body:
*The first thing to do in each prayer meeting is to acknowledge the presence of the Person of God the Holy Spirit! Prayer must be done in an atmosphere of worship!
*If a church prays regularly, that church is strong. If a church does not pray, that church is weak or dead.
*Prayer is good and very effective (even when some are struggling doubt, like Rhoda…)
*Prayer is a great weapon in spiritual warfare. Thru prayer we fight against the forces of darkness. Prayer is the spiritual weapon that destroys the natural power of the world, which is the sword (political oppression, persecution and tyranny)
*Prayer produces boldness in ministry, especially when preaching the Word or witnessing! (Eph 6:18-20)
*Prayer should be done in a known language (Ex. English) and also in the Spirit (tongues). If there is a prophetic message coming in tongues, that message should be interpreted. The leader of the prayer meeting must be a mature Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit. He must be sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit; gentle, wise and firm. There must be passion and order in every prayer meeting.
*Prayer releases supernatural blessings (on Peter) and curses (on Herod). Prayer brings blessings upon the faithful and the judgment of God against the enemies of the church
*Prayer should start if at least 2 or 3 true believers come together in the unity of the Spirit. Jesus is in your midst (Mt 18:20)
*Prayer should be done earnestly (seriously, fervently, passionately, hot; burning; glowing)
*Prayer should be done in the name of Jesus and must be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit
*Prayer is God’s invention and the will of God! It must be practiced always, not only in crisis. Give thanks! (1Thess 5:16-18)
*When praying, things may get worse before they get better (Ex Daniel, Esther)
*Prayer changes circumstances. Prayer manifests the providence of God and His perfect timing!
*Prayer of faith moves God to act. The result is always more than what you can imagine (Eph 3:20)
*Prayer destroys all the obstacles that block the testimony (16 soldiers, chains, iron doors…)
*Thru Prayer we witness the power of God, of heaven, of the Kingdom come. Angels are sent on assignment to save and deliver the believers.
*Thru Prayer the Word increases and multiplies. This is how preaching and evangelism gets stronger.
*Prayer leads to revival! Halleluiah!!!

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