“We sent Timothy, who is our brother and co-worker in God’s service in spreading the gospel of Christ, to strengthen and encourage you in your faith, so that no one would be unsettled by these trials…” (1Thess 3:2, 3)

Children of God, I want to stir up and encourage your faith. Then you shall encourage mine. You need the saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to become a child of God. After that, your faith must increase daily as you mature spiritually. As a doctor, from time to time, I need to do a scan for a pregnant woman. This is to be sure the baby develops well. It is the same with your faith. Examine yourself whether your faith grows well. The challenges of life increase. So our faith must increase. Your faith is your treasure. Be sure that you appreciate it and protect it.

Faith is the universal currency in the Kingdom of God. Everybody in Nigeria is complaining that Naira is falling. It is now 500 naira for one dollar. If you are paid in naira, you should panic. But if you are paid in faith, which is more expensive than the pure gold, then you shall not be worried. Imagine this: let’s say that an American Company hires you and sends you to Nigeria to work for them. You are paid in dollars. You will be happy that the dollar is stronger. What makes some people cry makes you happy. This is how things are for the citizens of the Kingdom. Your financial security does not depend on the government. Your health does not depend on the doctor. Your place in heaven does not depend on the travel agent. When things are rough, whose report do you believe? No matter what the devil says, God is bigger than your problems!

We command the demons of doubt, confusion, fear, poverty and lies to leave you and go away in the name of Jesus! Amen! Never underestimate a child of God. Even if all things fail and no man can offer any hope, he can still rise again by the power of faith in prayer. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, then you are rich! That mysterious element of faith in God is the answer to your problems even today! Faith pleases God! Try faith!





“And Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I have had a dream, and there is no one who can interpret it. But I have heard it said of you that you can understand a dream, to interpret it.” So Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, “It is not in me; God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace.” (Gen 41:15, 16)


Please read again the wonderful story of Joseph. In Genesis chapter 41 Pharaoh has two dreams and wakes up troubled in his mind. He does not understand their meaning. He now needs a man to interpret his dreams. His court magicians are not able to do it. This is now a great opportunity for any man to be promoted and rewarded by Pharaoh. Who is the ‘lucky’ man? Suddenly, the cup bearer remembers ‘his faults’. He recommends a Hebrew prisoner called Joseph who previously correctly interpreted his dream. Joseph is hurriedly brought from his prison cell and he now stands before the greatest man in the world at that time.


Joseph listens to Pharaoh telling him his strange dreams. By the power of the Holy Spirit he correctly interprets them. He even suggests a plan of action that will save Egypt from destruction because of famine. Pharaoh and his royal aids are all impressed. Pharaoh then asks his ministers if there is any Egyptian better qualified than Joseph to become his special assistant. None was found better than him. That is how Joseph became the Prime Minister of Egypt.


The word ‘interpret’ appears seven times in this chapter. In Hebrew it means to open up something that is closed or mysterious. It means to bring light into darkness, to make clear to others something that appears difficult, so that other may understand the true hidden meaning.


From this story we see that ‘interpretation’ of mysteries is the ‘pass word’ to greatness. Interpretation of mysterious words opens doors of wealth and promotion that no man can shut. This is true in all cultures and generations.  In the New Testament it is called the ‘word of wisdom’. It is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Divine wisdom is the well where all great treasures are found. In the presence of divine wisdom, poverty, sickness and trouble bow down and cannot rise. Do you need money? Do you need healing? Do you need freedom from bondage? Then pray and pay the price to receive the gift of divine wisdom which comes from the Holy Spirit. May my words find favor with your spirit today!



Our prayer meeting this evening was very good. All glory to God! We praised Jehovah God who is ‘fearful in praises and always doing wonders’.  We prayed and worshipped God in English, Tongues and Nigerian languages. We prayed against the evil spirit of homosexuality, foolishness and religion. We declared that God is on our side and that nothing is impossible for Him to do! We sand: ‘Lord, You are able, more than able, to accomplish what concerns me today…You are able, more than able, to do much more than I can ever dream… You are able, more than able, to make me what You want me to be”. Then the word of God came: The sermon was from the Book of Joshua 8 and it was called “How to ambush your Ai” or “Don’t forget your matches”.


The children of God won a great victory of faith against Jericho. But they failed to defeat the small town called Ai, whose name means ‘a heap of ruins’. The defeat was because of sin in the camp. Once the sin was dealt with, the victory is sure. The Holy Spirit is redirecting our attention and memory to the past, to revisit the place of failure. We need to confront that failure again. This time, lead and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we shall prevail.


In the place of past failure God says: “Do not be afraid and do not be discouraged”. There is fear in the valley of failure. But God says fear not to go there are conquer it.  A man’s character is not defined by how he behaves when he is promoted. His value as a man is defined by the way he behaves when he is demoted. The devil wants you to withdraw, to backslide when you are fallen. Do not give up when you are down. In Christ, there is hope for you even in the valley of sin, shame and failure. God says: ‘I have given you the city…’  When you depend on God, His plan, strategy and timing, the victory is sure!


The root of failure: unconfessed sin! Failure means you live day by day for years, in a cloud of defeat, hopelessness, depression and shame! No fruits and no testimonies! Your attitude to sin determines your future prosperity. You can have victory over your failure! If you do not confess your secret sins you can never have victory! Your past does not have to determine your future!


God said that you should attack Ai with an ambush. This is God’s strategy. An ambush is a form of attack that takes advantage of secrecy. You need a word of wisdom from God. In the military textbooks, an ambush is described as a complex battle. It requires a particular timing and a particular place. The soldiers divide themselves into two groups. All the soldiers must know their job very well. All must be coordinated. The unity of the Spirit must be established between the group that attacks and the one behind that provides ‘cover fire’. A successful ambush can take over the resources of the enemy. Husband and wife can pray ‘ambush’ prayers and arrest the resources of the enemy passing thru their marriage. It requires the unity of the Spirit. They need to trust each other with their lives. But the gains are great. You do not need to work hard to have a financial breakthrough. Do successful spiritual warfare and the millions will come. If what I say sounds phony to you, I am not talking to you. But for the rest who humble themselves and desire to stand for the Lord, may God grant you that grace, in Jesus name, amen!


“And He (Jesus) got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Hush, be still.” And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm” (Mk 4:39)

This is a word for a child of God who is troubled this morning! Be strong and courageous! Pray! From this moment on you must feel better! The devil has seen your breakthrough and he is trying to distract you with attacks. He is a liar! You need to believe the opposite! For example, if the devil tells you that you shall be poor, rejoice for surely you shall be rich!

Faith 100%! Doubt 0%! As a child of God, you do not just survive. That is the unbeliever’s way. You move on in a triumphant procession from faith to faith, obtaining new testimonies! Just imagine the joy your standing in faith brings to the glory of God! Just imagine sharing your testimony of trial to triumph and the strength will be imparted to other believers!

You are still alive! You do not pay for the Oxygen you breath. Give thanks to God this morning for your life! Start with little! The thanksgiving shall increase! Your life is not in your hands! Your life is in God’s hands! God is interested in your testimony! See what God will do! I already rejoice in my spirit with you!


Sister Onos went to be with the Lord. She was 29. She was married with two little daughters. It is a painful and untimely death. She died following a domestic accident. She was a committed believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and a member of the choir in our church.

Last week brother Prince asked her when is she coming back to sing with the choir full time. She said that her second baby is still little. But he insisted: ‘When?’ She said ‘Soon’. He said ‘How soon?‘ Then she smiled and answered singing: “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King…” Looking back, her answer was prophetic. The Holy Spirit prepared her to join the heavenly choir. Great is Thy faithfulness Oh, Lord…

As her pastor I believe that she went to heaven. I have peace about her soul. Please pray for her husband, Abraham Bello and their two daughters. Pray that God will help, strengthen, comfort and guide them from now on. Pray for the members of Father’s House Bible Church that we may use this pain to worship God even more. Also pray for her parents and the other siblings that they may draw closer to God even in this painful time. Like Job of old we say: God gave and God had taken away! Praise be the name of the Lord!




“You are my King and my God, who decrees victories for Jacob” (Ps 44:4; NIV)

As children of God, we should never be afraid of defeat, disgrace or failure! Never! We do spiritual warfare from the sure position of decreed victory! On the Cross, Christ totally defeated and destroyed the power of the devil. Knowing this, in Christ, I am not afraid to go to battle under His banner and in His name. Each trial, each conflict, it is a fresh opportunity to prove that I am a soldier in the army that can never fail, a soldier under the Captain who can never lose! This is my confession of faith based on the eternal Word of God!


You need to identify with this scripture until it becomes part of you. The word ‘God’ here is Elohim, the creator of the heavens and the earth. Don’t forget, it is God who also created hell, where the devil shall go at last and be tormented forever and ever. You need to know, especially during the battle, that in Christ, your victory is sure. You do not depend on your strength or on your wisdom. You totally depend on the Lord who called you in His army. Jesus can never lose. Therefore you can never lose. You don’t bargain with the devil! It has been decreed that all your trials and temptations, sooner or later, shall end in victories. Please observe that the word is plural; it means that there are many victories. These are not debatable. They are ‘decreed’ by the Lord. They must happen! A Presidential Decree is a formal and authoritative order that has the force of law and none can appeal against it. It is the same here.


I declare that in Christ God has ordained my victory! It has been decreed in heaven, appointed and ordained on earth that I shall win these battles against me! By faith in His Word and by the grace of God, I decree victory over sickness, poverty, oppression, bareness and all other occult attacks against me coming from the enemy. My victories are not accidental. They are decreed from the foundation of the world! These victories belong to the eternal purposes of God, by which events are foreordained. Heaven has spoken! The earth shall accept the decree! The Lamb upon the Throne, the King of kings and the Lord of lords has proclaimed that I am an overcomer! None can change this decree! My enemies are defeated. Hallelujah! Glory to God!





The prayer meeting was very good. Because we are in a season of spiritual warfare we need a higher level of anointing than ‘usual’. It is like preparing for surgery. For example, if the operation is just skin deep, you sterilize the instruments a little. But if it is abdominal surgery, the instruments have to be 100% sterile. If not, trying to help the patient, infection will kill him later. Thank God the Holy Spirit was there with us. We praised God. We worshipped God. We were seeking God’s face and strength. There was no rush. Patiently we were praying for fire. Then the fire came. Holy Ghost, we thank You!

We then prepared for attack. We exposed the lies of the devil thru the Word of God. All our prayer meetings are based on direct revelations coming from the Word of God. We need to know the truth about the enemy so that we can be free. These are some revelations about the devil:

*satan is a liar! He never speaks the truth. Lies are chains to keep souls in bondage! Truth sets free!   (Jn 8:44)

*satan is a blinder! He blinds the minds of the unbelievers. They do not see the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ (2Cor 4:4)

*satan is a deceiver! He uses false signs, lying wonders and fading miracles to impress the unbelievers (2Thess 2:9-12)

*satan is a tempter! He tempts men to sin or to backslide (Lk 22:3-6; 2Cor 11:3)

*satan is a thief! He steals the word of God from the religious unbeliever’s heart. He is very busy inside the churches (Mk 4:3-20). He steals peace and joy from the believers (Jn 10:10)

*satan is an oppressor! He terrorizes people. He inflicts sickness (physical or mental) (Lk 13:16; Ac 10:38)

*satan is a very good actor! He is very religious! He pretends to be the ‘holy spirit’ (2Cor 11:13-15)

*satan is a slanderer! He accuses the children of God! (Rev 12:10)



Take your position in Christ! We belong to the army that knows no defeat!  Pray spiritual warfare!

“Resist the devil, and he will flee from you!” (James 4:7).

“They have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.” (Rev 12:11).


Say No to the devil and his temptations! Pray in human language and in the Spirit (in tongues). We reject the demons of Jezebel, doubt, fear, confusion, religion, lying, blinding, stealing, deception, oppression, hypocrisy, slander, sickness (diabetes, hypertension, bareness, chronic malaria, typhoid fever, anemia, sickle cell anemia, stomach ulcer, arthritis, depression, backsliding, poverty, divorce) In the name of Jesus!!!  Speak the truth in faith and in love! Share the testimony of your salvation and sanctification! Do not fear death! Do not fear failure! In Christ our victory is sure! Jesus died on the Cross for our sins. Jesus is the ‘Stronger Man’ who binds the evil ‘strong man’. The Blood of Jesus ministers entrance before the throne of mercy and grace! Jesus sets the prisoners free. Jesus gives sight to the blind and hope to the hopeless. He binds the devil. Jesus has destroyed the works of the devil! Jesus is Lord! Give your life to Christ! Jesus makes you free indeed! One day, there shall be no more war. In heaven, the victory is final and permanent! The devil shall be judged eternally with torment in hell. The devil has no hope. These words should encourage you!  In Christ, our victory is sure!   JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!!!!