“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance” (Ps 33:12)

Today is Nigeria’s ‘birthday’. I shall not bake a cake for the visitors but I can share in the joy of celebration. Most people complain that Nigeria is bad and is getting worst. I surely understand why they say so. There are so many things that do not ‘work’ in Nigeria. I will not list them for others can do that better than me. I will only tell you why I love Nigeria. I do not like it, but I love it! I may be a lonely voice but I am not afraid to be different (I am the only oyinbo in our church… Smile…)


Why do I speak like this? I see things thru God’s eyes. What I see always gives me joy. I am a foreigner (an oyinbo). I do not have a Nigerian passport. But I am happily married to a wonderful Nigerian man. When my husband, Dr. Richmond Leigh came to my country to study medicine, he was a young man. We met in the anatomy class, over a cadaver. We fell in love there, between dead men. We married in Timisoara, Romania 42 years ago. Against all odds, our love lasted and became fruitful. We a son and two daughters: John (Toju), Alina (Yemi) and Jemine. They are all successful and happily married with children.


This is my story: I came to Nigeria in 1980. I came as a confirmed atheist as most my country people were at that time. I did not believe that God exists. I never prayed any prayer before stepping on the soil of Nigeria. My husband and I worked as medical doctors for almost 20 years. We made money and fame. But in March 1986 I had a crises conversion and became a child of God. My life was never the same. My husband got converted too. In 2000 we started a church called Father’s House Bible Church here in Warri/ Effurun, Nigeria.


We are now in full time ministry. The Holy Spirit pours His grace on us. Each church service is unique, fresh, powerful and exciting. The Gospel is preached. Souls come into the Kingdom. We worship God freely, in Spirit and in Truth. God is faithful. We pray for revival here in Nigeria. The darkness is pushed back. The light of God is shining! Glory to God! The truth is that I did not choose to marry a Nigerian. I did not choose to live in Nigeria. I did not choose to be a child of God. These are all God’s grace choices for my life. God is good to us here in Nigeria. We live in the center of God’s will.


So, why will I not love Nigeria? What is my excuse?  I have absolutely no reason to complain. Nigeria gave me God and husband. I have many spiritual sons and daughters here. They are God’s gifts to me.  What more do I want? I am grateful more than words can say.  So, my dear Nigerians, I rejoice with you today! Be encouraged! The future belongs to God! Trust in God! He can change any situation! God bless you! God bless Nigeria!


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