There are many people who testify that since they came to Father’s House Bible Church, God has blessed them with spiritual and material blessings beyond what words can say. This evening I received a note from a sister who is so grateful to God. She got married in our church. They now have two children. They just built their first house. Her husband and herself are very happy. As you read her testimony, tap from the anointing of blessings overflow. Have faith in God. Serve God the best way you can. Then God will reward you beyond your dreams! For He is faithful! Thank You Lord Jesus!

“Good evening Malia, my ever encouraging mother! I am very happy how things are turning out in my life and that of my GOD given family. Ever since I gave my totality to GOD via FHBC it has been Favour and blessings in every areas of my life. I remember the first time I ever visited your office, You asked if we have a land already and I said yes, then you encouraged us to start building. Today to GOD be all the glory! The house is ready for us to move in. I am grateful for your prayers and support. I will upload the picture of the house as soon as possible so you can celebrate with us! You and Taliegh are indeed good parents. To think that my husband and I came in as confused singles, then became friends and children of GOD, we got married and have children… we owe it all to you both; we are thankful for your mentorship. My family is forever grateful to GOD for giving us you as our parents IN THE LORD JESUS!!! We love and appreciate you…God is indeed inside Father’s House! To God be all the glory!”

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