The evening prayer meeting was wonderful. The Holy Spirit freely moved in our midst. Some people were weeping and others were laughing. Only God knows each heart and the deepest needs of each person. We acknowledged the presence of the Holy Spirit; the God who knew was before we were conceived in our mothers’ wombs. God loved us before He created the stars and placed them in the sky. We felt the love of God. Like a mighty fire that cleanses, like purging spiritual medicine, the Spirit did His peculiar work in us. The unity of the Spirit was strong. We witnessed this wonder: old and young, adults and children, stayed together under the Blood and moved with one accord in the Spirit. We rejected the evil spirits of fear, lust, of empty religion, of homosexuality, masturbation, of Jezebel and computer pornography! To the pure all things are pure! We prayed for our ears, that they may be circumcised. We shall hear only the truth, the Word of the Spirit. We prayed for our eyes that we should see only what the Holy Spirit reveals to us. We prayed for our emotions that we should feel only God’s heart. We shall be blind and deaf to the attraction of the devil. The singles prayed and made a covenant with God that they shall keep sexually pure until the wedding day. Their bodies shall be living sacrifices on the altar of God.


The anointing was strong enough for burdens to be lifted; for the sick to be healed, for the barren to become fruitful and for the depressed to be joyful. We got drunk with the Holy Spirit and rejoiced like Sarah of old. She was barren until she was 90. Then she and Abraham had a son named Isaac, meaning laughter. He was the son of promise. Laughter was promised to them. They shall not die sad and disappointed. “Sarah said: “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me” (Gen 21:6). By faith we identified with Sarah and rejoiced in the knowledge that God is faithful! This evening, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God has replaced our sadness with the joy of the Lord, which shall be our strength from now on. We sang and praised the ‘God of the past, present and who is to come. Oh, God You are my God!’ As I am writing these notes, I want to say this: I personally thank God for church prayer meetings under the prophetic anointing of the Holy Ghost. If you have never attended one, you really ‘miss better thing’ (as we say in Nigeria)! To God be all the glory!

One comment on “OH GOD YOU ARE MY GOD

  1. Silvia Leigh says:

    Brother M ran after me as we closed the prayer meeting this evening. He said: “Malia, I had this serious back pain for the past two weeks. It was so bad that I could not stand for long. I am a man. I tried to bear it but it was too much. I almost did not come to church today. But thank God I came. As we started praying a voice told me that others may be healed but my pain will stay. The pain increased with the prayers. I felt defeated and wanted to seat down. But suddenly I became angry and started praying along with everybody. As I commanded the pain to leave my back, it shifted to the chest. Then I knew that the devil is in trouble. I also knew that I was trying to work with my old anointing. Then I decided to tap from this fresh fire, this anointing this evening. In the name of Jesus I again commanded the pain to go away. This time it just left me. I am free! I did not want to go home without sharing this testimony of healing with you. I give God all the glory!”

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