The prayer meeting was good but difficult. We were reminded today that there is a price for intimacy with God few churches are willing to pay. But thank God most of us were willing. At the beginning of the service we prayed and praised God ‘as usual’. The Holy Spirit ‘came down’ but remained unmoved, like a cloud in the ceiling. For other churches that level of anointing may be more than enough. But for us in Father’s House it was not. Since this church was born it is our passionate desire that the Holy Spirit comes down to us and feels free to move in our midst; to do what He wants to do without any conditions. We want God to be our Father and Friend and not just a ‘passing by’ visitor.


The hindrance tonight was ‘a demonic blanket’ of religion placed over the hearts of the people. Some struggled to be free. But many stayed passive waiting for God to ‘start the show and to perform’. This passivity grieved the Spirit. Thank God for the revelation. Immediately we chose to actively humble ourselves. We had to chastise ourselves. Religion tells people to be spectators. This is how the evil spirit of religion talks: ‘Let the worship leader and the choir do their magic. I am here to enjoy myself’. The congregation stays passive. The leaders say to themselves: “I am already a leader. I cannot be demoted from my position. I am too big to pray. I am too big to worship. How can I kneel down in the presence of all these youths and children?” This religious pride grieves the Holy Spirit. He then refuses to move in our midst. But we cannot argue our case. We can only surrender and plead mercy. Our hearts are like the fire place. The fire comes from God, from heaven, but it only comes on the place prepared by men. If fire falls on the table or on the bed, it will burn down the house. We needed to prepare the fire place. Without the fire place, the fire will not come down.


Thank God we remembered that our salvation and every blessing we have received are all because of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who died that we may live! This grace is the un-merited favor of God. We shouted… ‘Grace…Grace… Grace…’ The grace of repentance was released. We interceded with the words of this song:


“Turn my eyes to see Your face

As all my fears surrender

Hold my heart within this grace

Where burden turns to wonder…”


We all knelt down or sat on the floor praying and weeping. We humbled ourselves and pleaded for mercy. Little by little the atmosphere changed. People wept openly repenting of sins. We interceded for this land. Then God graciously gave us a word. We did not have the liberty to stop the anointing and preach. But we received a word. It is enough for now. Like hungry people we ate it. We believed that prophetic word: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (Jn 1:5). The light of God from heaven shines over this land: Warri, Effurun and environs. The darkness is ‘older’ than the light on this land. The darkness is the ‘landlady’ of this land. Our parents and grandparents only knew darkness. This Darkness reacted and fought the light. It tried to stop, to scatter, to arrest, to hinder and to slander the light. But the efforts of the wicked darkness failed completely. We experienced this battle this evening. We are witnesses that light overpowered the darkness! Halleluiah!


We saw the light shining in the midst of the darkness, lifting the flag of victory over a land cursed by demons, rejected by men but loved by God. This land Nigeria belongs to God! As the light started to shine even in the service, our weepy eyes began to see the Lord, high and lifted up, seated on His throne. What a relief! What a change! Baptized by His presence our eyes and hearts rejoiced at this glimpse of heaven where all cry holy. Yes, the devil failed to destroy the prayer meeting. The worship shall continue forever! We sang:


“I see the Lord, I see the Lord

Exalted high upon the worship

Of the people of the earth

I see the Lord, I see the Lord

My eyes have seen the King

The Lamb upon the throne

Who reigns forever more


The train of His robe

Fills the temple

A cloud of heavenly worshipers

Surrounding His throne

We join with them now crying

“Holy, holy is the Lamb

The Lamb alone”


Forever and ever, Forever and ever

Forever and ever, Forever and ever…”


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