‘I will answer them before they even call to Me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!’ (Is 65:24)

We are living in our new beautiful pastor’s house for more than a year. We are very grateful to God. When we moved in last year my husband explained to me that the plumber made a mistake and there shall be no hot water in the kitchen. There was a heater in the store next to the kitchen but no pipe to connect it to the tap. He said that to connect the pipe it means breaking the wall and that will not be nice. Of course I could have liked hot water in the kitchen but I told him ‘no problem’. This is my general strategy: I pray for my needs and I wait for God to answer in His own time and His own way. Once I pray, I never complain or worry. Since then I only use the tap for cold water. I have a kettle by the side and if I need to wash the dishes I boil the water with it. No problem, really. I got used to I. I even forgot about the hot water. (Let me say this… I live in Nigeria since 1980 and I have learned many good things from the people here who are very creative in times of need. As we say in Nigeria ‘dis na small tin… No wahala!)

This morning Bro C who is a plumber and a member of our church came to repair something. My husband asked him if anything can be done about the hot water in the kitchen. To our surprise he told us that the hot water is working in the kitchen since last year. That he found a way to add the pipe without breaking the wall. He said he told Tali about it… We put on the heater, waited few minutes and behold! We have both cold and hot water in the kitchen! Praise the Lord!

God really surprised me this morning! God is not only powerful but so wonderful and kind. I can’t believe that God blessed us (me in particular) with the gift of hot and cold water in the kitchen tap since September 2015 and I did not know about it! May this testimony be an encouragement to all who pray for a long time about something. God may have answered your prayer but you have not ‘collected’ it yet! The answer is in ‘transit’ with your address on it. The answer to your prayer may be behind and not ahead. From time to time check your life. Give God thanks for answered prayers even if you do see the answer with your eyes. What was called impossible in the past may be possible today! Delay is not denial! Delayed joy is even greater joy! All glory to God!


(In the picture: hot water flowing from my kitchen tap)

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