Please read and meditate on the love story between Boaz and Ruth. It is one of the most beautiful romantic stories ever written. Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer, is a type of Christ. We see the beauty, the strength, the wisdom and the grace of Christ in him. Ruth represents the Church. In the Book of Ruth we have a glimpse of how Jesus Christ ‘dates’ His Bride, also called the Body of Christ or the Church of the living God. Jesus is the heavenly Bridegroom! Worship Him!


Boaz falls in love with Ruth and marries her. This is a symbol of the reality we have in Christ. This is the free gracious revelation that comes from the Spirit of God: Jesus loves you! He is passionately in love with you! He is romantically in love with you! Jesus sees you beautiful for He has made you for Himself! He died for you so that you, the sinner, might become His beloved bride. You are saved by grace alone and by faith alone! This extravagant passionate love of Jesus for His Church is one of the greatest revelations from the Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen us, the true believers!



Ruth prayed to find favor (grace) with a landlord, to be allowed to glean in his field. Probably Naomi told her that the God of Israel is a God of compassion. She knew that the law of Jehovah gave to the poor foreigners ‘the right’ to glean, to pick the grains left behind the harvesters (Lev 19: 9, 10). But Ruth did not stubbornly insist on ‘her right’. She did not argue her case based on the law. She was a woman of grace so she prayed for grace. Her encounter with Boaz happened on the foundation of grace!!!


Ruth is a true woman of God, humble and gracious. These are signs of heavenly royalty. In the natural, she was a poor childless widow, dressed in faded ‘second hand’ clothes. This is what everybody saw on the outside. But spiritually, she was a princess with God. The grace of the Living God was shining thru her. Boaz discovers and marvels at this grace, especially as Ruth was a foreigner. Later in the story you see that the other kinsman did not appreciate this grace of God upon Ruth. He saw her just as a liability that will ‘endanger his own estate’ (Ru 4:6). He refuses to marry her and gives that right to Boaz. Unbelievers only appreciate outward beauty and external benefits. They despise and mock the grace of God. But Boaz is a man of God just like his Master, Jesus Christ, a man of grace and truth. He appreciated Ruth not only for her outward beauty but especially for this spiritual gift of God’s favor upon her. He sees her as his true ‘twin’ sister in Christ, his helpmeet, his lost rib, his future wife and the mother of his children. In Christ they are one! This grace recognized by Boaz in Ruth is the major reason why he ‘fell in love’ with her and why he chose to marry her.


I am sure you know this scripture: “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD” (PV 18:22). The godly man seeks and finds a wife. Like a rose among thorns, so this wife is found in the midst of women folk. This gift of a godly wife is good and filled with favor from God. This favor is located inside the wife. This is a warning! If a man divorces his godly and faithful wife, he will not be able to retain the favor of God in her absence. For that grace was found inside the package called ‘wife’. Brother, did you find the grace of God inside your wife? Then love her without fear! Cherish her and protect your marriage, for if you lose her, the favor will go away too. Be wise! Finally these are some questions for the men: Brothers, do you know what I am talking about? Do you know the grace of God? Can you identify the grace of God in a single woman? Then marry her! Husband, are you able to see the grace of God in your wife? Then thank God for your wife! Your marriage is blessed! This is the gift of God to you! Give thanks to God for He loves you!


Do you pray for grace? Have you experienced the power and the glory of the grace of God? Do you know that grace is enough for you, sufficient to solve every problem you may have (2Cor 12:9)? Proud and selfish people know nothing about grace. For God only ‘shows favor to the humble and oppressed” (PV 3:34). Are you humble? Are you oppressed, afflicted and unfairly treated? Then rejoice! The grace of God shall locate you and shall deliver you from your enemy! This word is settled in heaven and on earth! Believe it!



These words are taken from my diary three years ago. There is no way to describe the presence of God among His children. I pray that the Sweet Holy Spirit helps you to feel and dance the holy dance of everlasting love…

“I prepared my sermon for this evening prophetic prayer meeting. I prayed in English and in the Spirit, that our evening’s sacrifice may be accepted by the Lord. With my hand on the handle, in front of the door, ready to go, I quickly reviewed my notes once more. Then suddenly I felt the hush of the Spirit blowing over me. He said: ‘This evening, like Cinderella and her prince, you shall forget the mundane…for we shall dance together…’ I smiled and said ‘Thank You Lord…my heart and my feet are ready…’

I don’t know why, but for a moment I thought He was joking…Dance? We started the service with prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to come. We declared our need for Him. Then we praised God with all our heart. The children started dancing round about the sanctuary. I went up to the altar. I was still waiting for ‘my slot’ to preach my sermon. I forgot about the promised romance. I thought the people needed some ‘head food’. Only God knew their hearts were just dry and thirsty for a fresh visitation, for an encounter that cannot be described with human words. No sermon of mine could have been enough. They needed something that only God can give. They needed life and joy and love… They needed to dance with Jesus….

Microphone in hand, ready to preach, suddenly this song came to me ‘out of the blue’ heavens…’Dance with me Lord, lover of my soul…’ I could feel the anointing lifting me up, the worship team followed and we just started singing in the Spirit, again and again…’The Lover of my soul is coming to me…Closer and Closer He comes…over the mountains of troubles, over the hills of grief…Closer and Closer He comes…I see You…I see You…I touch You…I touch You…I love You…I love You…Dance with me Lord, Lover of my soul, to the song of all songs…’ The anointing came as a rushing river of life, fearful praises, His glory kissed our faces…we danced floating round about, the old and the children, the fat and the slim…who cares…for He calls me Beautiful…in His eyes, I am beautiful…’
I cannot describe the scene… how souls fell in love with Jesus… for the mountain of transfiguration is only for them that long for the climb, miss the heavenly cloud and play on the angels’ harps…

“Even so come, Lord Jesus!”
All glory to You, Lord Jesus!




“Look, I go forward, but He is not there,

And backward, but I cannot perceive Him;

When He works on the left hand, I cannot behold Him;

When He turns to the right hand, I cannot see Him.

But He knows the way that I take;

When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold” (Job 23:8-10)


There are times when the Holy Spirit ‘withdraws’ from the conscious feelings of the believer. All the saints testify to times when suddenly, for no apparent reason, they feel lost and without comfort. Some call it ‘the dark night of the soul’. The Word of God seems tasteless. Prayer becomes just an un-exciting routine. Going to church is hard. The first time such a thing happened to me, I almost died of depression. I tried to search my heart for any known sin. I wanted to repent but I could not identify any particular sin. I felt like dying, like a fish out of the water…


Job was a righteous man, a child of God. The devil asked God for permission to attack him. Surprisingly, God granted that. The devil attacked and Job lost everything he had: his children, his property, the joy in his marriage, his health and the sympathy of his friends. But the most painful experience for Job was the fact that he felt he lost God. He tried to look for God but could not find Him. Looking north, south, east and west, Job could not find God. Then he knew that this pain must be a trial from God, a painful gift to him. He decided to pass thru this fire holding to his faith. He testified that he shall come out as gold. It happened just like that. After this fire, Job came out ‘approved and improved’ (Matthew Henry). This pain ended in a great testimony.


What are the lessons? First of all know that God has a purpose for allowing this trial. It is for His glory and for your good!!! Also know this: Trials are not forever. God supervises them. Once the character is established, once the gold shines and God can see His image in that gold, the trial shall end. Immediately beauty is revealed from ashes! Darkness ends and the sun shine forth! Great blessings follow such trials. God permits these trials so that we do not take His presence for granted. After the trial you shall fear God and appreciate His Spirit more than ever before! It is a great privilege for God to choose you to pass thru His fire! You and your ministry will rise to a higher level of grace and anointing! Praise the Lord!


Be encouraged, child of God. Wait at that place where you last ‘saw the Lord’. Even if you have to wait for hundred years, God is worth the wait. The hundred years shall become just a day for the Lord. God shall reward your faithful waiting. Under no circumstances you should think of backsliding. Patiently wait for God. Continue to read the Bible even if the Word feels tasteless. Continue to pray and serve God the best way you can. Pass thru the pain! God knows the way you take. In Hebrew it means that God has approved the way you took up until this moment. You are not lost. You can never be lost. The fire will only burn the impurities. The fire can never destroy your soul. Encourage yourself in the Lord! It is not easy but it is worth it! It is well with your soul!


“As the deer panteth for the water

So my soul longeth after Thee

You alone are my heart’s desire

And I long to worship Thee


You alone are my strength, my shield

To you alone may my spirit yield

You alone are my heart’s desire

And I long to worship Thee”



“I love the Lord, because He has heard

My voice and my supplications

Because He has inclined His ear to me,

Therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live” (Ps 116:1, 2)


The evening prayer was very good. The Holy Spirit encouraged us to pray with boldness and make ‘big’ requests before the throne of God. One of the most beautiful things we see in revival is how adults and children pray together in one accord. The children in Father’s House pray ‘like the adults’ or even better. They lift their little faces to heaven and tears pour down on their cheeks as they pray. It is a wonderful thing to witness the grace of God upon our children. Money cannot buy this grace! Glory to God! Thank You Jesus!


We prayed against the evil spirits of infirmity, stomach ulcer, fibroids, bareness, diabetes, depression, skin diseases. We prayed against the evil spirit of fear, poverty, doubt, religion and witchcraft. We prayed that God’s grace will manifest and His people will buy lands and build houses. They will not die as tenants. Their landlords will not organize their ‘service of songs’. They will fulfill God’s plan for their lives. We said “YES!!!” to the will and to the way of God! We shouted NO to the devil! The Holy Spirit helped us so that all these prayers were done in faith and were very real to us. The God who invented prayers will answer them, for His glory and for our good! We shall love and worship God even more because He has heard and answered our prayers. We then sang: “Baba-ooo… Baba-ooo…” (In Nigeria God Almighty is sometimes called Baba, which means Father- in heaven).


The word was from Acts 4. Peter and John were persecuted because of an act of kindness done to a cripple. They prayed and the crippled man was healed. The religious leaders were angry and tried to stop the faith in the Living God from spreading. But nobody can stop the power of the name of Jesus! They warned Peter and John never to speak the name of Jesus again. The apostles then went to their friends who are believers and they organized a prayer meeting. They prayed for two things: Boldness to speak in the name of Jesus and faith that miracles will follow their ministry. They prayed until the place was shaken. There is power in congregational prayer. For the unbelievers, prayers look like a joke. But when the believers gather to pray, power is released from heaven.  Question: do you attend the prayer meetings organized in your church?  If not, you miss many blessings!


They prayed specifically for boldness and for miracles. The word boldness means to continue to do what God told you to do, in spite of the opposition coming from the evil spirits of fear, doubt, rejection and shame. You need to confront your fears, your doubts, your rejection and your shame. You need to reject them. Then you strengthen yourself in the Lord. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Your life will change and you shall testify to the goodness and power of God! “Baba-ooo… Baba-ooo…We worship You!”


I just finished writing today’s article called “The young men” when I received this letter in my inbox. It is from a young sister who attends our church. She is a committed born again Christian. She is about 30 years old. She is very beautiful and a little bit plump (I do not like the word fat). I know how it feels to be overweight for I have battled this issue myself for many years. Read this letter as an encouragement to all singles not to compromise in your choice for a life partner. Have no inferiority complex in the way you look. God made you and not yourself. It is good to try your best to be healthy but do not be over concerned about the way you look. All God’s children and beautiful for Jesus is beautiful! If you have any counsel for her, please comment. She will read it! God bless you all!

“Malia, I thank God that I have a spiritual mother, that I can open my heart to you without any fear or shame. God bless you Ma. I really wanted to come see you. It’s about the matters of the heart. I will try my best to explain in writing, cos it’s long. I am at the point of my life where I am confused. And I know I should not be confused, I don’t want to be confused cos it’s not of God. Recently my friend (brother …) of over 10years asked me out, initially I objected cos I’ve never seen him in that way. I like him as a friend but I don’t see us living under same roof cos I’m not attracted to him and I don’t see me being happy with him. More so as friends in the past he has always expressed his hatred for fat people; that they are disgusting in bed and are liable to die young. When I remembered all his words in the past I said no to his request. But then after much conviction from him that those were words of ignorance I told him I’ll pray about it. I prayed but did not get any answer from God so I said let me give it a try and see how it goes.
That was how we started.

Then 6 weeks ago after a wonderful service in the church, he called me on phone and started talking about me being fat. He said that he has accepted his fate to get married to a fat lady but that he hopes when I give birth I’ll be able to control my fat. Bcos I wanted to retain the anointing from the service I did not react. But after much thought days later I told him it won’t work between us. At the beginning he didn’t see anything wrong with what he said but when he saw that I was angry he then said sorry. His words hurt me and I started feeling low and ashamed of myself. Now he keeps apologizing and says that he can’t let go of me. My answer to him was that unless it is God’s will I can’t go on with him. I said that I need to pray and hear God’s will concerning this matter. But he’s disturbing and putting pressure on me for answer.

Malia, I don’t want to get married and be miserable, unhappy, frustrated and depressed. God has been so good to me and has favored me as a single, so I want marriage to be an improvement of my state now. I want to be happily married. I can’t afford to make foolish mistakes about this. Please Malia I need your counsel as my mother. Thank you Ma. Your daughter…A’

This is my answer to her:
Dear A… No need to waste time! This man is not your husband. Tell him so. Let him go. Because in the past he was an ordinary friend, now that friendship must stop too. Things have changed! That is why you are confused. As things are now, you cannot reject him as a husband and keep him as an ordinary friend. You have to stop all conversations with him. Talk to him just once that you do not want to continue any relationship with him. After that, delete his phone number. The Holy Spirit will help you. The man you will marry will appreciate you as you are. He will see you beautiful as you are now. He will not try to make you into another woman. I wish you well!
(By the way, I just wrote an article today called “The young men”. He is a ‘young man’ and he is not your Boaz. Read my write up today!)
Love in Christ alone,


(In the picture you see a beautiful ‘plus size’ bride. This is to help your dream. This is to encourage all the sisters, no matter what is your size or your complexion, to trust God for your wedding day. You shall marry your Boaz, not his ‘house boy’! You shall be a beautiful bride! You shall be happy! God will make it happen! In Jesus name, amen!)



“Let your eyes be on the field which they reap, and go after them. Have I not commanded the YOUNG MEN not to touch you? And when you are thirsty, go to the vessels and drink from what the YOUNG MEN have drawn… And when she rose up to glean, Boaz commanded his YOUNG MEN, saying, “Let her glean even among the sheaves, and do not reproach her. Also let grain from the bundles fall purposely for her; leave it that she may glean, and do not rebuke her… Then he said, “Blessed are you of the Lord, my daughter! For you have shown more kindness at the end than at the beginning, in that you did not go after YOUNG MEN, whether poor or rich” (Ru 2:9, 15, 16; 3:10)


The words ‘young men’ appear four times in the Book of Ruth. In Hebrew, the words ‘young men’ describe boys or servants who are hardworking, zealous, restless and noisy. These are the ‘house boys’, the workers and the servants of Boaz. Their boss commands them and they must obey. Boaz forbids them to ‘touch, reproach or rebuke’ Ruth. He commands his men not to sexually harass, insult, angrily rebuke, hurt, confuse or embarrass Ruth. They are also commanded to quietly help by dropping grains for her, as by mistake. These kind actions of the young men are not because they are naturally nice. They have to obey their master Boaz who hired them. Ruth will be a fool if she thinks that these ‘young men’ act nice on their own. She will be a fool to chase after them.


Later, when Ruth tells Boaz that, according to their tradition, he can marry her, he congratulates her by saying that she is a wise and godly woman. There are two major reasons why Boaz appreciated Ruth. The first is that she forsook her people, to follow and help her mother in law who is a relative of Boaz. The second reason is that Ruth did not run after ‘the young men’ on the field. To Boaz this was a sign of a true godly woman and it was the reason why he loved and married her.


The Bible says that we should reject the sins of the youth. “Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart” (2Tim 2:22). This is a great lesson for all who want to work for God or want to marry well. To be ‘a vessel of honor used by the Master’ you need to hate sin and in particular all forms of sexual lust which is called ‘the sin of the youth’. No matter your age, you should run from every appearance of evil, especially in connection to sexual sins. Like Joseph, you have to learn how to run away from the lustful temptation of the devil, represented by the Potiphar’s wife. Like Job, you need to make a covenant with your eyes, that they may be holy, seeing only what God revels to you and to be blind to what the devil shows you. Sexual lusts must be replaced by a desire to pursue the things of God. That creative strength you used to chase lovers, use it now to pray and seek God. Choose between fornication and prayer. In fact, I am free to say, that any believer who is spiritually weak, especially in prayer, is still in bondage to sexual lusts.


Boaz appreciated Ruth for not running after ‘the young men’. Any godly man looking for a wife should do like Boaz and appreciate a woman who is free from sexual lusts and the restless frustrations associated with the youth. You should appreciate a spiritual woman of God who has a quiet spirit, is prayerful, strong, gentle, hardworking, humble, submissive, kind, romantic, creative and helpful. You sisters, pray that you may be like Ruth. Then Boaz will locate you and marry you. The Bible never gets old. The same stories are repeated by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is my testimony: I am very happily married to a wonderful man of God. I know what I am saying. I experience love and dreams come true. I wish that God will bless you as He blessed my husband and I. To God be all the glory!




“So Ruth the Moabitess said to Naomi, “Please let me go to the field, and glean heads of grain after him in whose sight I may find favor… So she fell on her face, bowed down to the ground, and said to him, “Why have I found favor in your eyes, that you should take notice of me, since I am a foreigner?… Then she said, “Let me find favor in your sight, my lord; for you have comforted me, and have spoken kindly to your maidservant, though I am not like one of your maidservants” (Ru 2:2, 10, 13 )


Ruth prays that she may find favor with a wealthy man so that she can glean and gather grain on his field. She did not use her natural beauty to seduce the man. She did not manipulate the rich man with her many needs. She prayed for God’s favor on herself so that the rich man may not see her, but sees Christ in her. God answered her prayer. That man was Boaz. She finds favor ‘in his eyes’. The word ‘favor’ means beauty, mercy and grace, revealed when a greater man humbles himself, bends down in kindness and appreciates an inferior person. This favor is always supernatural. In the natural, no rich man ‘bends down’ to a poor one. Without the Holy Spirit all rich men are proud. So, when you see a wealthy and truly humble man, give God the glory. For this is the work of the Holy Spirit who is able to humble any man, great or small.


Have you ever prayed like this: ‘God grant me favor with that person?’ This is a very powerful prayer. This is a very good prayer. I am a witness to it. Please know that God can only answer this prayer if you are a born again Christian. I pray like this before telling my husband something very important. I pray before I meet strangers when I need a favor. I pray before an exam or an interview. I pray before I minister to others. Even now I pray: “Father in heaven, please give me favor with the readers! To You alone be all the glory! In Jesus name, Amen!”