There is a couple in our church that has been praying for the fruit of the womb for quite some time. Once a month the wife brings us fruits as a gift of faith. They are not wealthy in the natural. But both serve God with passion and faithfulness.

They trust the Word of God that says: “You shall serve the LORD your God, and He will bless your bread and your water; and I (Jehovah God) will remove sickness from your midst. There shall be no one miscarrying or barren in your land; I (Jehovah God) will fulfill the number of your days” (Ex 23:25, 26). They trust the Almighty God who promises blessings upon the food and water, divine health and fruitfulness. Please pray for them that they will have children.

We use them as a point of contact for others who have the same challenge! God is not a respecter of persons but He ‘respects’ the faith of a child of God! May the miracle of healthy pregnancies be your portion! To the glory of God and for your happiness! In Jesus name, amen!


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