“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded” (Heb 10:35)

Child of God, the Bible promises a great reward if you keep and protect your confidence in God. Confidence is mature tried faith. The word in Greek describes confident speech.  This bold speech comes from the bold heart of a lion trained by the Lion of Judah. A true believer must testify about His Savior thru open, direct speech, bold and sure, free and clear. Just saying to somebody: “Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Lord” with the confidence produced by the Holy Spirit, you shall be ‘richly rewarded’ by God the Father.


Take note: It is possible to lose this confidence! We are warned not to throw it away, not to forsake it. This warning is to be taken seriously especially during difficult times of persecution or need. The devil will try to deceive you that your faith in God is useless, that it does not work, therefore you should discard it. This is a serious mistake and a great loss. This will be the beginning of backsliding. You will lose the joy of your salvation; you will be shy among the brethren and timid about your testimony. Like we say in Nigeria: “your mouth will shake…” What a pity… It is better to lose friends, jobs or money, than to abandon the faith you have in your God. For faith is more valuable than gold and useful for all situations. I am not talking about self-confidence, for that is sin. I am talking about the true living Biblical God approved faith, tested in fire; the confidence that God exists and His Word is true.


Faith in God is your crown as a worshiper. Your faith is the key that opens the door of salvation; the pipe thru which the blessings of Christ flow to you, the link to your miracle and the cup that God fills with His grace.  How can you throw away such a treasure? Please go back and look for it. Plant it in your heart once more. Confidently go and tell people that you are saved by the Blood of the Lamb. Never be ashamed of your Lord for He died to set you free! Shout with a loud voice: “Jesus is Lord! Hallelujah!”  The devil will have a headache! Good! But one thing is sure: God will richly reward you! You will hear a divine ‘alert’ on your ‘heart-set’ that a gift has been paid in your heavenly account! These things are all true if you believe! As for me, I believe therefore I have spoken!



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