“Jesus replied, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” (Jn 11:40)
The prayer meeting was very good. We praised and worshipped our God. We invited the Holy Spirit to ‘come down and move in our midst’. We waited for God to come… And He did! We became ‘drunk’ in the Holy Ghost! There was a prophetic word for those who believe: ‘The war is over! We have now entered a season of peace ‘that passes all understanding’! This peace shall overflow to the city (Warri, Effurun and environs). We shall do things people do when there is peace! The single shall marry! The married couples shall enjoy their marriage! The water shall become sweet wine! The barren shall have children! The needy shall be blessed with supernatural wealth! They shall buy land and build houses! The sick shall be healed! The oppressed shall be delivered! God has opened a door for supernatural blessings! Enter thru that door! Don’t look back! The bondage of routine depression is broken! The evil spirit of religion is defeated! The Holy Spirit has raised a standard against the evil flood directed against us! The devil has been exposed and disgraced in our midst!
Some say: you people are useless people, a group of nobodies. God has no time for you… Devil, you are a liar! Everybody shall see what God will do with foolish people like us who believe in Him!
Rejoice, and I say again, rejoice! Your future is better than your past! Have faith and start rejoicing! Things have changed! The tables have been overturned! The weak is strong because God’s grace is sufficient! The fire of God is burning the chaff or doubt! Jesus said: ‘If you believe you shall see My glory! We answer in one accord: ‘Lord we believe! We stand in Your glory! Thank You Lord Jesus! Glory! Glory! Glory!’

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