“God saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor: therefore His own arm brought salvation to Him; and His righteousness, it upheld Him” (Is 59:16)


The women’ fellowship was very good. I told the women that this month, during my birthday, I do not want any gift money can buy. I made an agreement with God to give me as a gift something from heaven. I want souls to be saved and believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I want people to serve God more than ever before. This is my ‘birthday gift’. Anything ‘more’ is less for me! All the sisters agreed that it is a good idea.


We then preached about the ministry of Intercession. What is that?  Intercession means praying for another as lead and empowered by the Holy Spirit. In Hebrew, the word means to strike against an enemy, to bombard another with petitions or to urge (demanding forcefully and persistently). In Latin it means ‘to come in-between’ which strangely may mean to obstruct the two parties to come together in a wrong way until they align in the correct way.  The scriptures where this word is used: Ruth 1:16; Jeremiah 7:16; 27:18; Job 21:15; Genesis 23:8; Isaiah 53:12 and 59:16; Jeremiah 36:25, Romans 8:26-34, 1Tim 2:1, 4, 5. Intercession is prayer on behalf of another. Its root is the work of the Holy Spirit, who is the Divine Intercessor. He touches the hearts of the intercessors to feel compassion for others and bring them before God in prayer. Intercession kills selfishness and increases agape love. God is not only ‘my God’ but ‘our God’. God loves not only individuals but families and nations.


I believe that there are ‘holy vacancies’ in the Spirit realm. God wants to ‘hire’ some of His Children as Intercessors. Too many of us pray only for our immediate families. God wants to enlarge our vision of Him. God ‘wondered’ why so few want to be intercessors. The Holy Spirit is calling… Come… The applicants must be willing to be used by God to pray for others at any time the Spirit calls them, day of night. They will pray in the Spirit until they know what to pray for in English. We made an altar call for the post of intercessors. The Holy Spirit is the One who calls, choses and prepares us for service. We shall be like Esther or Abigail who saved many thru their intercessions. We shall allow the Holy Spirit to place the burden of prayer on our hearts, on behalf of others. We shall feel other people’s pains. It is not something you can fake. The burden is real. The pain is real, even if for few minutes. From time to time, you shall feel a strong urge to pray for others. Drop everything you are doing, go to a quiet place and pray. You shall feel better after that. The push and the power to pray comes from the Holy Spirit. When the reward comes, it is very great. There is no recession in the Kingdom of God. Say yes to God and He will surprise you with an abundance of blessings. I see good coming out of this and I already rejoice!

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