“I will give him the Morning Star” (Rev 2:28)
This is a wonderful promise given by the Lord to the faithful believers in Christ. I do not pretend to totally understand these words. But I know a little bit because I have tasted them. Our Lord promised to give us ‘the Morning Star’.

I discovered that planet Venus is also called the Morning Star. Next to the sun and the moon it is the brightest of all planets. It is closely connected with the sun. It appears just before sun rise or immediately after the sun sets. Our Lord is the spiritual Morning Star. He gives Himself to the faithful believers in a special way. Our Lord Jesus Christ is also called the Sun of Righteousness.

The sun and the moon are made for everybody. But the Morning Star is made for you alone. In your loneliness and singular pain, in the darkest night, you shall see Jesus. When nobody sees the Lord, your eyes and heart shall open to behold Him, to receive Him. Just like in the morning, when Venus shines in the darkness, just before the sun rise, so our Lord will give you an intimate special ray of hope, a special revelation of His presence in your life. This little grace light comes to you first of all, before the sun shines and everybody receives hope for the day. When the world still sleeps, Jesus will speak to you alone. He gives personal hope to you, that you may see your future. In the evening, the same Morning Star follows the sun as it sets. This evening revelation is like a seal, a kiss, a stamp to revive your tired spirit. You shall experience great peace as the Lord confirms to you the revelations He gave you during the day. The Lord truly comes as a ‘thief in the night’, not to steal but to bless.

These personal glorious experiences you receive first thing in the morning and late at night will carry your spirit on from day to day until faith shall become sight. Many will be surprised at your strength and your faith. If you can explain everything about your salvation, then something is wrong. Christianity is a mystery. Never remove the romance out of it. You can never explain it all. And now, it is right to bow your head and worship the Lord… I say: “Thank You Lord Jesus for giving me Yourself, the Morning Star of Heaven! I wait and I worship. Even so come Lord Jesus…”

(in the picture you see Planet Venus, the Morning Star)

Venus, the morning star

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