“Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me” (Ps 50:15)
A young sister who attends our church sent me this note. She is about 35 years old. She lives with her mum. She is a successful business woman. She is praying to get married. She faithfully attends the church activities. But last Saturday she said that she could not come to church because she had no ‘transport money’. Initially she wept out of frustration. But then she wisely chose to use the pain to worship God. The Holy Spirit filled her afresh. This is a good example how to use your problems to go closer to God. If for whatever reason you can’t come to church, do not give us. It is easy to give us. Pray and worship God wherever you are. The Holy Spirit is omnipresent and He will meet you at the point of your pain and need. To God be all the glory for each disciple of Jesus who pays the price for spiritual maturity! Amen!

“Good evening MaLia and happy Easter. I have a testimony to share with you. It is wonderful to me. Yesterday I attended a wedding and by evening I was unable to attend the prophetic class because of financial constraint. As at 4.30 – 5 pm I started to feel very depressed. So I went into my mum’s bedroom, shut the door and at first I started to cry pitying myself. Then a voice told me to talk to God instead of crying since crying will not give me any solution. So I said to myself that since I couldn’t attend the prophetic class I will just pray and worship on my own and do my own ‘prophetic class’. I started with asking God so many questions amid tears. Why this why that, why He never talks directly to me or show me things like He used to. Why there is so much doubt in my heart… why is He not fulfilling His promises yet…. and so on. For the first time I talked like I was really talking to my friend and father and someone really close and present with me. I asked Him to speak to me directly even if it is through dreams, to help me get rid of the depression and bitterness in me, to help me trust Him more….

Then I started to worship and praise. MaLia!!! The worship took me to another level where I forgot about myself and issues. I really can’t explain all what I prayed about… but I’ve never worshipped that deep or for that long before. I shouted the name of Jesus again and again. I got up at past 8 pm, took my bath and dinner and later went to bed. I then had a dream that I was walking on a road, looking for somewhere to sit so I found this uncompleted shop with no windows or doors and not floored, just sand. I sat on the ground with my knees to my chin like I was patiently waiting for someone to come. Someone came, a woman who looked like you. I know that He is God who came in that form. He asked me what my problem and why I was complaining? Immediately I started to complain again. Stopping me half way He said “why are you complaining? I can hear you! You don’t have the right to doubt. You should never doubt” those were His exact words and He repeated it twice. Although those weren’t the words I was expecting to hear but after hearing them it felt enough, like the answer I needed. I felt peace. Like my restless hunger had been quenched. MaLia!!! God heard me and answered me! I am so happy! I give Him all the glory…”

My answer to her:
“Dear …Thank God for everything! I see that you have allowed an evil spirit of religion, fear, doubt and bitterness to influence you. Now that the Holy Spirit has revealed the truth to you, continue to do warfare until it is completely out of your mind. Do a Bible study on faith which is the opposite of doubt. A grace door has been open to you. Pass thru it. Complete the good work you have started. I wait for you with more testimonies!”

(If you want to counsel her, please do so. She will read your words. Thank you! God bless you dear intercessors)

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