“Then it came to pass, at the end of two full years, that Pharaoh had a dream; and behold, he stood by the river… So Pharaoh awoke. He slept and dreamed a second time… So Pharaoh awoke, and indeed, it was a dream. Now it came to pass in the morning that his spirit was troubled, and he sent and called for all the magicians of Egypt and all its wise men. And Pharaoh told them his dreams, but there was no one who could interpret them for Pharaoh… Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him quickly out of the dungeon; and he shaved, changed his clothing, and came to Pharaoh. And Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I have had a dream, and there is no one who can interpret it. But I have heard it said of you that you can understand a dream, to interpret it.” So Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, “It is not in me; God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace” (Genesis 41)


Pharaoh had a dream. It was not an ordinary dream. God was talking to him about his future. The survival of his country Egypt was at stake. Pharaoh’s sleep was interrupted. He ‘woke’ up. He was supposed to think and pray about the meaning of this strange dream. But this state of being awaken did not last long.  He went back to sleep. In Hebrew the word ‘sleep’ means to be slack, negligent, stale and spiritually lazy like an old dying man. To be stale refers to old dry bread; it is food no longer fresh and not pleasant to eat. This is the description of Pharaoh’s spirit who was not sensitive when God was talking to him about his very destiny. Please observe God’s patience in dealing with spiritually sleepy men. God comes back the second time with another dream. This time Pharaoh wakes up and cannot go back to sleep. ‘His spirit becomes troubled’. The word ‘troubled’ here means God knocking at the door of his heart. It means to shake, to fear and to become agitated. As unpleasant as this troubling is, this is the correct reaction to God’s Word. We must fear God and tremble at His Word. We should not sleep like the foolish virgins when God is near. Troubled and afraid, Pharaoh does not rest until he finds the solution to his problem. Somebody must remind him of the forgotten dreams and interpreted them. His magicians could not help him. He presses on until he eventually finds Joseph who gives him an answer of peace. Joseph is a type of Christ, who is the Prince of peace.


What is the lesson for us? When God speaks to you, thru dreams, thru visions, thru the Bible or thru prophetic utterances, pray that you may hear and respond immediately with the fear of God. Your spirit should feel agitated. Do not ‘ignore’ God! This is not the time to go back to sleep. You must seek God with all your heart and you shall find Him. The only True and Living God has revealed Himself thru His Son Jesus Christ, who is the ‘heavenly Joseph’. You must pay the price and find Jesus! Men in your church may have put Jesus ‘in prison’. They may tell you that Jesus does not exist. Your freedom may be in bondage. Your peace may be in chains. Your hope may be lost. This is work of the evil spirit of religion telling you that there is no hope for you and you should go to sleep. Do not listen to lies! Get us! Stay awake and pray! Go to the Cross! Find Christ! Fight for your soul! It is the Holy Spirit who is troubling you! You cannot fight Him! The Lord Jesus Christ shall come and help you! I am a witness! I know! Awake you sleeper and Christ will shine on you!

Joseph before Pharoah

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