“I will be your God throughout your lifetime–until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you” (Is 46:4; LB)

I have a very good friend, a sister in Christ who lives in Houston Tx. She has a ministry among the old people. Each week she goes to the Old People’s Home and prays with the residents there. Recently, the manager of the Home approved her request to have a Sunday service for the people in the home. She is now officially their pastor. She prayed what devotional to use among them. She said that the Holy Spirit directed her to use my book “The Doe of the Morning’ (Praise the Lord!!!). The foolwing are some lines from her letters. Please pray for her (she is almost 70 herself). Pray that God will grant her strength, wisdom, joy and anointing to minister to the old people. Pray also that her ministry will be fruitful. Pray that the people will be saved, healed and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit! Pray that the name of Jesus Christ will be glorified even more in that Old people’s home! In Jesus name, amen!

“Dear Lia,
As I told you, they just approved that we can have a Sunday service in the facility. We are using your devotional, The Doe of the Morning, Would you ever believe that your devotional would be used to lead a sharing of the word of God. The residents love the scripture, and the declarations. I am always inspired and the Spirit gives me revelation to share. We have a short widow, of 45 minutes, but we always sing a worship song or chorus, we pray,and read the scripture, then we share how we can apply the scripture to our lives, We take prayer points, and always end in the Lord’s prayer, The lady who comes to help wants a copy of the devotional, so i have to get her a copy. she is very helpful to me and i thank God for sending her.

Having fellowship with elderly residents is different and comes with lots of challenges. Yesterday, a new lady came to the fellowship, I did not know her, so when i wanted to know her name and room number. She could not remember her room number, so she told me to take off one of her shoes. Her name and room number was written in her shoe. Would you believe that when i wheeled her back to her room, she started to sing a hymn, she has a beautiful voice, she told me that she use to sing solos in her church choir, and that she would be happy to sing at the fellowship. I can’t wait until next week… Oh yeah, this lady has had two strokes. Then I met another resident in the hallway who was in tears, she told me that she wanted to come to the fellowship but no one to bring her there (this is a big problem, caregivers are just not available on Sundays…).
Please extend my sincere greetings to the brethren. May God pour out a fresh anointing on Father’s House Bible Church, In Jesus name, AMEN
Love in Him,



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