The Saturday Prayer meeting was very good. We praised God and we prayed to God. We destroyed every evil covenant that was made on our behalf, knowingly or un-knowingly, during our childhood.  The lingering effects of wicked utterances spoken by parents, siblings, extended family members, neighbors or friends were destroyed. The memory of negative words like: ‘you are a fool… you be yeye… you are a lazy boy (girl)… you are a loser… you will always be last in the class… you will be poor like your father (mother)… go to hell… Idiot… nonsense boy (girl)… you will suffer in this life…you are a witch…God punish you… ” was destroyed by the Blood of Jesus! We separated ourselves from ‘shadow demons’ that follow us behind.


We declared that God hears the prayers of His children… that there is power in the name of Jesus… that Jehovah is above every other power… that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. We praised the Almighty God in English and Nigerian dialects. This evening ministry was not easy. There was a battle in the atmosphere. Some brethren were afraid to praise God with all their hearts because of the trouble they may encounter once they leave the church’ premises. This fear was a background hindrance for more than an hour. But as we continued to press on, to praise God, with songs, hands clapping, dancing and proclamation of the Word of God, the fear left and we felt free. We are blessed to partake and to contribute to the congregational anointing. Coming to church services is never a waste of time. Once the Holy Spirit moves in our midst, anything can happen (I wanted to say: miracles will happen). We went home refreshed. Indeed, Jesus Christ is Lord! Bless His holy name!

Praise the Lord

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