“Ho! Everyone who thirsts,

Come to the waters;

And you who have no money,

Come, buy and eat.

Yes, come, buy wine and milk

Without money and without price” (Is 55:1)


A happy and grateful sister sent me this wonderful testimony about the faithfulness, grace, love and power of God. Her husband, herself and their children are faithful members of our church. They were passing thru a season of difficulty. The devil attacked their finances and their faith. But in their desperation, they humbled themselves and they believed the Word of God. They did spiritual warfare and prophesied victory in Christ! God gave them the expected breakthrough! Dear child of God, may this testimony increase your faith too! I wait for yours too!


“Hello ma, For some time now we’ve been going through some challenges financially. I thought is just a phase that will pass in a month or two but instead things were getting worse each passing day. When we moved to our new apartment, the trials and temptations increased. I went on my knees praying and asking God for a break through, for a turnaround but it was as if nothing was happening. To feed became a problem, to the extent we were unable to pay the children’s school fees this last term. We started considering changing them to another school that is cheaper. Since I’ve been married for the past 10 years, I’ve never gone through this kind of trials and temptations. As husband and wife, we joined our faith together praying for God’s mercies.


Malia, to tell you the truth, at one point, my faith started to drop; I thought God has forsaken us… Not until you started teaching from Isaiah 55. You said God is calling me to a new level of life; He is inviting me to the table to be revived and become stronger. During the prayer, all  what you were saying was directly to me even the next Saturday and for a long time, that Saturday and the next and the next, I prayed through and there was this peace I felt within me and I realize that God has not forsaken us. And also Taleigh started teaching Matters of Indifference and Ephesian 6:10 “Be Strong In The Lord”! And also your admonishments on Sundays have increased my faith to 100%. I found myself doing warfare, praying and trusting the Lord more

Studying the Word more and there is this joy bubbling inside of me and the funniest thing is that this same is also happening to my husband. I remember Taleigh will always say if God wants to talk to you, He will scrap your face and humble you. I’m so blessed to have you has my mother and mentor and Taleigh as my father.


Last week Wednesday, the Lord did a miracle. For some time now, I’ve been trusting the Lord for capital to do business.

During the prayers two Saturday ago, one of the last few words you said before leaving the altar was that “if you want to do business, trust God and not any man” I key in those words even when I know nothing is happening around us. On Wednesday, I was in the bedroom when my husband walked in and asked me how much did you say you want to use to do business? And my reply was “babe you know I’m still trusting the Lord for capital” And he said we should pray. When he started praying, the praying was more on thanking God for his provision and inside me, I was like ‘what has God done this time?” After praying, he told me God has provided the capital for my business and also the children’s school fees for last term and also this first term; that we are not changing them to another school! He said while he was down stairs, his phone beep and he was worried ‘who has sent him message again to come and pay his debt?’ When he looked at his phone, it was an alert of one million, two hundred and something thousand! He was shocked!


I remember, this is what Taleigh said that ‘you will be in your house and your phone will vibrate and you will see an alert’. I use to laugh over it that such a thing is no possible but the Bible say is there anything too difficult for me to do? Certainly nothing!

Now everyday my heart is renewed! I love Jesus! He is faithful! This table the Lord has invited me to come and eat, when He said there is WATER, MILK AND WINE, I will never leave the table! I give all the glory to God! God bless you ma. Good night”

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