“Incline your ear, and come to Me. Hear, and your soul shall live;

And I will make an everlasting covenant with you— the sure mercies of David” (Is 55:3)


The prayer meeting was very good. The prayers were full with faith. The praises were strong going upwards without hindrance. I always appreciate when the worship leader prepares the way for me to preach the Word. There was a clear expectation in the hall; that something good is going to happen. Faith must be exercised to be enjoyed. Then the word came: THE SURE MERCIES OF DAVID! God is an inviting God. He says: Come! He is the host of the eternal celebrations in heaven. At God’s table the hungry, the thirsty, the poor, the sick, the sad and the disappointed ones were given water, milk and wine. We ate to our satisfaction. We were healed and delivered. Then we heard a voice. It was the King of kings’ voice. He said that we came in as needy guests but now we shall become the Royal Bride. Jesus says: “I love you! I died for you! I am yours and you are Mine! Just receive My Word” This love was more intoxicating than the wine we just drank. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was breaking all yokes. The breaking was almost audible. The prisoners were freed. The devil panicked. He was looking for the chains to bind us again but he could not find them. We rejoiced at his loss and at our freedom. Prayer was very sweet tonight, flowing like milk and honey!


The eternal covenant of the sure mercies of King David is ours! This is an unconditional covenant made between God and David. God promises David and Israel that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would come from the lineage of David and from the tribe of Judah.  He will establish a kingdom that will endure forever. The Davidic Covenant is unconditional because God does not place any conditions of obedience upon its fulfillment. The surety of the promises made rests solely on God’s faithfulness and does not depend at all on David or Israel’s obedience. The key words are these: LAND- HOUSE- DESCENDANTS- THRONE- ESTABLISH- PEACE –VICTORY- REST- FOREVER


Therefore, according to 2 Samuel 7 and partaking by faith in the sure mercies of David, in Christ I declare:

*I have entered in a season of Shalom (peace, health, wealth, favor and friendliness)! I will rejoice in my God!

*I am born again! My husband (wife) is born again! Our children are born again!

*We shall have a good name, a good testimony of favor and fame to the glory of God! We are witnesses for Christ!

*We shall have our own land and build our own house! We shall not die as tenants! Our house will be a place of blessings, worship, peace and rest!

*God has defeated all our enemies!

*We shall not die untimely death! We shall fulfill our days and finish God’s assignment on earth!

*We shall be worshippers on earth and in heaven!

*The singles shall marry! The married shall be happy and have children (boys and girls/ natural and spiritual)

*Our children are children of covenant! They are not ordinary children. They are kings and priests! They will worship God more than the parents! If they go astray, God will use other people to chastise them. But God will never take away His love and mercy from them! They are blessed! God has provided all they need! We shall not worry anymore! The blessings upon me and my family are forever! Nobody can change that! To the glory of God!

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