“For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (2Tim 1:7)

Today I was privileged to counsel and pray for two Christian sisters. These are born again committed serious women of God, married and with children.  In the natural they both looked good. But there were problems… Both of them had medical complains and were taken treatment in different hospitals. Both of them had spent a lot of money on medical procedures and medications. Both of them were attacked by the demon of fear but were ignorant of it. The word I gave to one was the same for the other. Both of them received their deliverance and healing instantly. Praise the Lord! Because every truth is established by two or three witnesses, I decided to write this letter, to encourage others who may need help too.


Behind some sicknesses may be spiritual issues. The doctors are trained to treat only physical diseases. They are not qualified or able to treat spiritual afflictions (except the doctors who are born again and Spirit filled, which is rare). The devil attacks both spiritually and physically. He is not choosy. He only wants to torment his victims, to ‘kill, steal and destroy’. He is God’s enemy and your enemy too. As a doctor I consulted many patients who had different health challenges, physical, mental or emotional. Each time I discerned that their ‘background’ problem was spiritual more than physical I had to confront the issue with them. The people who believed were helped. But those who rejected the word could not be helped because God needs your faith to work with you.


Fear is a primary attack. The devil uses fear as an injection of spiritual poison, to weaken your resistance, so that you cannot fight him. Tormented by fears are not able to reject further lies. When the devil attacks the children of God he uses deception. That is the only way he can succeed to influence their mind. Never forget that the devil is a liar!!! That means each attack of fear is also a lie!!! For example, one of the women was telling me that her mother died young, therefore she ‘feels’ that she will die young too. The other woman told me that her senior sister was diagnosed with cancer therefore she will be next in line. It is true that the doctors have a tendency to bully their patience with warnings about their future health. But if you are a child of God you should immediately reject any lying diagnoses. For the doctor is just a human being. He is not your creator and he is not your god. Doctors make mistakes. I am a medical doctor by profession and I worked as a doctor in Nigeria for about 20 years. By the grace of God I was called ‘a good doctor’ but I also made mistakes. I respected the Christians who had faith to reject my negative statements about their future. In fact, the Holy Spirit used these unpleasant confrontations between me and my patients who had faith, to humble me, to bring me to my knees and become saved. Praise the Lord!


Child of God! You need to lift up the shield of faith and boldly quench the fiery darts of lies that come from the devil. Do not be sorry for the devil! Do not be gentle with the Liar! I am not saying that you should quarrel with your doctor. If the doctor is a child of God, that is a double blessing to you. But if the devil uses the doctor’s tongue, and declares death to you, then you just reject that diagnoses! Speak the Word of God over your life: “With long life You shall satisfy me… I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD” (Ps 91:16; Ps 118:17). Stand up and pray! Reject the evil spirit of fear! Do it now! With a loud voice! With anger in your heart! Jesus loves you! Fight for your soul! Be jealous over your testimony! Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh. Let the Spirit of Resurrection and Life invade the space that was occupied by the lying fears. Child of God, you can do it! I rejoice with you! Halleluiah! Glory to God!

Fear not

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