“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you shall be My witnesses…” (Ac 1:8)
The prayer meeting this evening was wonderful. For whatever reason, the instrumentalists did not come. We only had a drummer, a young man, who tried to drum a little, but later lied down under the anointing. So, no music tonight… Sister O led us in worship with a simple chorus, singing: “Jesus, I come to You to draw, draw, draw once again…Jesus”… The Holy Spirit used this little song to draw us closer to His Majesty. We prayed on and on. When you see a group of Christians praying with passion and tears, without stopping to clean their faces, you know that the Holy Spirit has come. To hear the sound of congregational prayers is a royal privilege! The hall became hot. I don’t know if the ACs stopped working. But nobody paid attention to such details. Nobody was fanning looking for a better place in the room. Everybody was singing, dancing, clapping hands and sweating. Each one was in love with Jesus. When you find yourself in the presence of the King, nothing really matters. We came to Jesus; few ready and running; some walking; many crawling on the floor. It does not matter how fast you run this marathon. Just finish it!

We all needed a touch from the Father. We all needed a sip of the water of life. We all needed a smile from Jesus. We all needed a fresh filling with the Holy Spirit. We prayed in English and in tongues. From the top of our heads to the soles of our feet, the fire of God was burning. We became living torches, too hot for any viruses (spiritual and natural) to survive. The fire of the Holy Spirit is power, is healing, is freedom. We were baptized afresh with this holy fire. We did not need money. We only needed faith in God. If you trust the bank to give you a loan, how much more you should trust Jehovah Jireh to give you all the money you need to pay off your debts, to buy that land and to build that house? If you trust your doctor to heal you, how much more you should trust Jehovah Rapha to search your heart and heal all your diseases? I am always surprised how the Holy Spirit loves Nigeria! This evening we danced in the rain of joy. The grace rainbow appeared in the room… Each drop of this wonderful supernatural rain washed and cleansed our hearts. Sweating and with tears running on our faces, we may have looked dirty to cold un-invited visitors who pay money for church entertainment. But I am a witness for Jesus! I declare that all I saw tonight was only purified hearts and glory bathed worshippers.

2 comments on “I DRAW TO YOU AGAIN 

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Amen! No matter where you worship a grass hut, or an elaborate church..
    God searches the heart for an invitation..
    Praise God for a Holy Spirit filled church.

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