“Then Moses said, “Now show me Your glory” (Ex 33:18)
This evening prayer meeting was very good. The people came hungry for God. Some new people that have never attended a prayer meeting in the church came and sat down. I know that it was not by their power. It was the Holy Spirit that drew them here. We praised and worshipped God from the beginning to the end. I prepared a sermon (again) but the door was not opened for me to preach it (again). Men and women knelt down to pray for their souls. Many came to the altar. They sat down there looking broken, defenseless. It is very beautiful to see a ‘big’ man or a rich man, seating down before God, truly humbled by the Holy Spirit. No proud man likes to look foolish. It is always a miracle to see a broken heart worshipping before God. We had only a keyboardist and a (part time) drummer. Then we had our own voices to shout the name of Jesus and to sing to the King. The room became too hot for comfort. Some people opened the door to let some cool air come in. Nobody minded all these things.
The attention was focused on the Lord Jesus Christ. We sang and prayed on and on: “Show me Your face… Show me Your glory…I want to see You, Lord Jesus…” Suddenly, The Lord answered these simple faith prayers. The Holy Spirit opened our eyes to see the King in the beauty of His holiness. The tune changed. The key changed. The atmosphere changed. Now singing: “I see the Lord, I see the Lord, exalted high above the worship, of the people of the earth… I see the Lord, I see the Lord, for my eyes have seen the King, The Lamb open the throne, who lives forever more” This is a reminder that God hears prayers. Jesus collects our prayers and adds them to His incense in heaven. “Oh Lord, set my heart of fire for you…” Suddenly fear ran away. A fresh boldness came in. We sang: “I am not afraid! I am not afraid! – a song from “Jesus culture”. The effect of the Holy Spirit on the sons of God cannot be measured. We prayed and interceded in the Spirit. These notes are written just to stir your appetite for the spiritual realities found in Christ alone! God is real! Draw closer and touch Him! God is good! Taste and see that he is good! God is strong! Mountains shake and fall. Each step closer to God is a step into light, satisfied by peace and filled by joy. There is no better place where we could have been this evening. We belong to Jesus. This is our story! This is our song! Church was good tonight!
“I see the cloud, I step in. I want to see Your glory like Moses did. Flashes of light and rolls of thunder! I’m not afraid! I’m not afraid! Show me Your glory, show me Your glory, my God… I’m awed by Your beauty, lost in Your eyes! I long to walk in Your presence like Jesus did! Your glory surrounds me and I’m overwhelmed! I’m not afraid! I’m not afraid! “Show me Your glory, show me Your glory, my God… I long to look on the face of the One that I love; I Long to stay in Your presence, it’s where I belong. Oh how we love You, oh how we love You! Oh how we love You, Jesus!”

One comment on “SHOW ME YOUR GLORY!

  1. Doofan Washima Mohammed says:

    Show me Your glory!!! The constant prayer of my heart!!!! I am grateful O Lord!

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