“You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat” (Matt 5:6; TM)

Thank God for today’s prayer meeting. There was heavy rain outside. Many people could not come. The ones that came were feeling ’cold’, naturally and spiritually. We started praying and praising God. The temperature of the anointing was rising. But I sensed a hindrance among us. The best way I can explain is this: the brethren became satisfied too quickly; they accepted ‘half measures’ of glory. They were unwilling to push forward, to come deeper and closer to God. In their mind there accepted the possibility that The Holy Spirit may not come and we shall continue with ‘church as usual’. I could hear a voice behind me: ‘If the Holy Spirit does not fill me tonight, I will go home and live like nothing happened’. This mind set is very dangerous.


One definition of sin is ‘falling short of God’s glory’ (Rom 5:23). ‘To fall short’ it means to be demoted, to be late for an appointment, to be inferior, to be deficient, to suffer lack, to be in need or to become worse.  Can you imagine these words connected with the glory of God? That is a lie! The glory of God can never be demoted!!! God forbid! But the devil is trying to discourage people to enter the presence of God. There is an evil spirit of religion that has infiltrated many churches. The people attend these churches but they do not become saved, or they are never able to become filled with the Holy Spirit. They are never hungry enough, thirsty enough or desperate enough to come to God and be filled. Their passion for Jesus is minimal. They rationalize the scriptures. They are not led by the Holy Spirit but by their overworked ‘common sense’. This evil spirit of religion invited itself to our prayer meeting tonight. I do not know how it came but it was here among us. We had to do warfare before we could ‘enjoy’ the presence of God. We repented of compromise with the world. We rejected the evil spirit of religion. We then invited the Holy Spirit to come in His fullness and power, in His own special way. Simply said, He came!!! Like a river during the flooding season, like the sun at full blast, like a purging fire, like the soothing Balm of Gilead… He came to me… He came to us… Physically I was not very strong today, but the Holy Spirit filled my heart with peace and joy and strength in a way that only Him can do it. My appetite for God increased this evening. I ate the Bread of Life and I drank from His River. I am satisfied. Thank You Holy Spirit!


As I write these words, my body is stronger, my liver smiles and my spirit sings. “Jesus You love me too much- ooo, To much-ooo, Excess Love-ooo…..” To God be all the glory! Good night, people of God!

FH 14

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