“Test all spirits for not are from God!” (1Jn 4:1)
Look well at this insect in the picture. It looks like a bee but it is not. It is called Volucella. This is an insect that has a strong resemblance to the humble bee. They are ‘co-workers’. They too eat the nectar of flowers. They are ‘friends’. But the Volucella deceive and exploit the bees. They abuse this resemblance to introduce themselves fraudulently into the bee nests, and they deposit their eggs there. The bees do not seem to identify this foreign insect. It looks like they trust them, for they meet on top of flowers, eating the same nectar and making friends there. When the Volucella’s eggs have hatched, their larvae, which have two strong mandibles, devour the larvae of their hosts, the bees. This wickedness is the ‘reward’ they give to the bees for the hospitality they have received!

What is the lesson? In the church you encounter true and false believers. Spiritually these are called sheep and goats. They resemble in many ways. But the difference is seen, sooner or later. The false believers are not born again. They are the devil’s ‘plantation’ to squeeze the life out of the true believers. If you are a true believer surrounded by the false believers, you will not be able to breath well; you shall remain weak and unfruitful (spiritually). Be careful with false brethren, false prophets and deceivers! They take advantage of your hospitality and come to parasite your home, changing its atmosphere and bringing strange, poisonous ideas. Pray before you make friends with anybody. Pray before you open your heart to other ‘brethren’. Blessed are you if you are surrounded by true believers who love you, pray and counsel you well.



  1. What a powerful analogy from nature, dear Lia! Thank you for this wisdom from God! God bless you greatly!! ❤ ❤

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. The Lord has given us everything we need to understand His word more thoroughly. He has also given us wonderful teachers like yourself to help enlighten us. ❤

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