“I know all the birds…” (Ps 50:11)
We lived in our former home for thirty years. Last Sunday we re-located. There was a silent wish in my heart. I did not want to share it with anyone for, among so many more important things to do, it seems like nothing. But this is a true story. Our children can confirm it. Since they were small, there is a bird who always sings a very complicated song on the roof of our house. She was our ‘clock’ in the morning. Her song starts at 6:10 and ends at 6:15. It is the same song, perfect each time, never missing a beat. It is something like that: DO-LA-SOL-FA-MI-RE D0…. She repeats that many times. Then she ends with SOL-LA-SOL-LAA-SOOOOL-LAAAA…LAAAAAAA….

I read somewhere that birds sing in the morning to find a mate and to declare their territory. The scientists said that early morning, when the air is fresh, and before the humans come with their loud noises, the sound of the birds travels faster. This is science. But for me, the birds belong to God and they praise Him early in the morning. They challenge us to remember our Maker and ‘from the rising of the sun, until the going down of the same’, to praise God!

My sadness was that I left my birds (sorry, God’s birds) behind. I only told my husband that I wish the birds come here. He encouraged me that God can do it! Thank God for believing and encouraging husbands!

The first three mornings in our new house we woke up without their songs. Can you imagine? I really missed them! But this night we slept with the windows open so that we can hear if there is even a whisper of praise at dawn, from the little birds. I am too excited to write well this morning. Yes, you guessed right! The birds are here!!! I do not know if the same family of birds followed us or God sent their relatives to our new home. But the birds, singing exactly the same tune, at exactly the same time, the birds are here!!! Is God not wonderful? He is sooo wonderful to me!!! God answers our most secret prayers!

Little birds, let’s sing the love songs of Jesus! Let’s declare that this territory belongs to Jesus! God’s name must be praised! We declare that Jesus is Lord over Warri and Effurun, Nigeria! We declare that Jesus is the Lover of our souls! The praise must continue!

“Father, I thank You! From my heart, I thank You! For caring for us, for knowing our silent pains and unspoken wishes, I thank You! For answering our prayers, more than we can imagine, I thank You! For the many blessings that come from You, always without sorrow, big or small, I thank You! For the flowers and the birds, I thank You! For the privilege to know and praise Your Name, I Thank You! For sending Your Love to us, I thank You! Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I thank You! We vow to always give You alone all the glory! In Jesus’ name we pray, amen!”

(This article was written in October 2015, as we moved to our present house)

Bird in FH

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