I received another testimony from a sister in the church. She is faithful, humble, and hard working. She is married with two children. Read and receive from the overflow of anointing. May our lives testify for the power, mercy, love, and grace of our God! Jesus is Lord!

“Good evening mum, Malia, how are u doing today? I trust God is with u. Mum, I av a testimony to share with u to the glory of God the father, and to the shame of the devil, also as a source of encouragement that God is working mightily in our midst. During Sunday service, when u called out those who were sick, in debt, and alcoholics, I didn’t come out, but I having been experiencing chest pain for some while now, but I always feel it’s because of the job I do daily. I could not even open my mouth very well to pray. But it did not take long, when u ask us to sing that song in tongues. As I started singing, I felt the presence of God and instantly, the pain left me, I started screaming in tongues, and I knew instantly that God was right there in that service. Since that Sunday till now, I have not had that pain again. It is gone! Glory be to God in the Highest because He’s still the Jehovah Rapha till eternity”

To God be all the glory!

“He sent His word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” (Psalm 107:20)

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