‘There are those who rebel against the light, who do not know its ways or stay in its paths’ (Job 24:13)

‘For you were once darkness but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light…’ (Eph 5:8)


Job reminds us that there are wicked people in this world. We sometimes forget the truth, deceiving ourselves that all human beings are good, nice, faithful and generous. Then God permits that we should encounter a wicked person and we feel afresh the grief of betrayal and loss. The pain is just a reminder of the truth: only God is totally good!  The pain is also deliverance from the deadly bondage to deceit.

Truth is a fruit of the light (Eph 5:8-10). Truth is not available to all men. Truth is Jesus. Truth died to set us free. You need the pay the price for truth to be your friend. Truth needs the light of the Scriptures. Truth is ‘a domesticated’ blessing. It is only by the leading of the Holy Spirit that you can discern truth (Jn 16:13). No other spirit can bring truth to you. If you are born again, you are blessed! If you are Spirit filled, you are blessed even more!

There are many wicked people who enjoy, who love darkness and hate the truth. There is the armed robber who sleeps during the day and it is on active duty in the night. Darkness is his friend. Darkness covers his footsteps so he can run away from his dying victim, his pockets full of stolen money. The adulterer waits for the night to come. He is attracted by the colored bulbs hanging at the gate of prostitutes. Darkness covers his face. His wife, his friends will never know of his double life of stolen pleasures. Then, there are the oppressors, the opportunists.  These are fake religious men who are skillful in deceiving others. Their preaching is designed to steal the joy and peace of others. They cheat the hopeless, the needy, the widow or the barren woman who is looking for a baby. They promise them miracles of healing and prosperity so that they remain in bondage to wicked, false hopes.

These wicked men have this in common. They rebel against the light of God!

What is the light of God? It is the revelation of His Person and of His glory!

The light of God comes to men in three main ways: Thru the nature, the conscience and the Scriptures.


First, God reveals His existence thru His creation. The nature, the mountains and the sea, the sun, moon and stars, all these tell us that God exists and he created them all.

‘The heavens declare the glory of God…day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge…their voice goes out into all the earth’ (Ps 19:1-4)

The wicked people see the nature as something common. They believe that man came out of monkeys and the earth from a lost material in the sky. They think ‘scientifically’ and doubt the Creator.

The question is this: what is the attitude of your mind when you see God’s creation? What do you think of His mountains and lakes, of His birds and fishes? When you travel and see new things, how do you feel? Do you remember God and do you worship Him as the Creator of the whole universe? Can a rain drop or a water lily inspire you enough to write a poem, a song or a letter to God? If the answer is no, then you are a wicked man. You should repent of rebellion against the light of God!


Secondly, God reveals His light thru the conscience. God has placed in the spirit of man an organ called conscience who will warn and rebuke you for your sins. If you know the good thing to do, and your conscience testifies to it, but you reject its voice, then you are a wicked man. If you know that your action is bad, and your conscience troubles you, but you continue in your sin, then you are a wicked man. You rebel against the conscience, which is a mirror of the light of God (1Tim 1:19, 4:1-4; Jam 4:17)


Thirdly, there is the light of the revelation of God’s Word. This is the greatest and purest of all lights. Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh. His Word is ‘a lamp under your feet’. The more you read the Bible and repent of your sins, the more light will shine on your path of life. No believer should just ‘fall’ into sin. The Word of God is sufficient to direct your life, your speech and your actions. The scriptures are complete and infallible. You don’t need anything else for wisdom and success in life outside the Word of God. This is the truth. If you ignore the Word of God, your quiet time with God, the preaching of God’s Word and prayer, then you are a wicked, rebellious man. You need to repent of sin and come to Jesus!

There is a great revelation we glean from the Book of Job: God does not expose and punish the wicked men immediately. This delay in action is based on God’s sovereign will and on His extraordinary patience. Men misinterpret God’s patience and take it as an approval of their sins. That is a deadly deception (Ecc 8:11-13). For the Bible is clear: ‘God is angry with the wicked every day…’ (Ps 7:11)

Please listen! This is what the Bible teaches: if you insist to go to hell, God will allow you to go there! If you love lies and deception, God may keep quiet! God does not force His light upon anyone who hates it and rejects it. If you insist in living in sexual immorality, God may not stop you. A venereal disease may slow you down, but God will not stop you. This is a wonder, this slow action of God in the presence of sin! Many believers are confused by it, but this is the truth! Accept it! God may not punish the wicked men immediately, sometime not in this life time! But trust God, their judgment is sure!


But for anyone who has this testimony, that God troubled you with His light until you surrendered to Him, blessed are you!


May God’s light shine on me!

May I never live carelessly on this earth!

May I never be ungrateful and ‘business-like’ with God’s gifts and His revelation!

May my conscience trouble me when I rebel against His light and may I repent of sin!

May I hate the powers of darkness and the wickedness in high places!

May foolishness, wickedness and rebellion be far from me!


May I see God’s wonders in the nature, wherever I go!

As I see the sun, the clouds, the moon and the stars, may I worship Jehovah Elohim day and night!

May the nature, the work of God’s hands and His gift to me make me a true lover of Jesus!

May the Word of God bring light to my understanding, to my memory and to my spiritual discernment! May I walk and work in the light of God!

May I love the Word of God!

May I love the light of God and come close to it!

May God’s presence fill and cover my home!

In Jesus name I pray,



 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Gal 6:7-10)
This is the law of God: *We are commanded to do good to all, especially to the believers! *We are commanded not to be tired in ministry! *We reap exactly what you saw! *We reap more than what we’ve sawed!
The devil uses people to deceive us. He will make them come and take advantage of the fact that we have no option to cheat, to lie and to manipulate.
We do not even have the luxury to be tired in doing good; to take a holiday and relax from obeying God. We cannot backslide successfully.
The devil infiltrates our ranks with false brethren who speak like us but do the opposite. They are planted to discourage the good work of God. They pretend that seeds of wickedness will become a harvest of prosperity, that plantation of evil will miraculously become the gain of fame and honor.
Please remember that we serve a God who sees all things. He knows all things! Our Father in Heaven cannot be deceived even if we, His children fall prey to wicked men.
Please, take courage! Remember: you are a child of God, your destiny is eternal life, your harvest is righteousness and your seal is the Spirit of Life and Peace!
May the strength of the Spirit be your portion today!
In Jesus name!
All to the glory of God!



Apart from the Lord, King Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. He gives us good advice on how ‘to enjoy’ the only life we have to live on this earth.

‘Life no get duplicate’ –says a Nigerian Proverb. So true!

These are some lessons I’ve found in the Book of Ecclesiastics, Chapter 9:

*Everything is in God’s hands. He has the last say in all human affairs. Do not worry about men for God is sovereign over all things that pertain to you, good or bad, mistakes or failures. Nothing happens ‘by mistake’ for God is actively in charge of the universe He has created! So relax and trust God! You are not god! Be more grateful for your blessings! Do not compare your lot with another’s. God is in control!

*Death is part of life. All men die. Death is sure. Life on earth is unique. It is also limited. You have a limited amount of opportunities to fulfill your destiny and be happy. Why not happy then?

* There are only two types of men: righteous or evil, saved or unsaved, born again or lost. Humble yourself and make sure you belong to the people of Jesus. There is no repentance after death. Do not waste any opportunity to draw closer to God, to go to church, to be part of the Body of Christ, to worship God in Spirit and in Truth! Seek spiritual fruit in all situations! Life is not just ‘buying and selling’! ‘To me life is Christ! I seek Him always and rest not unto I can plug into His grace! Not religion, but life!

*God saves some people by His grace, in Christ alone, by faith alone. The rest are condemned and lost forever! Be sure of your standing before God! Pray not only for the salvation of your soul, but for the assurance of your salvation. This assurance is an added gift, by the Holy Spirit. It comes only to the obedient believers. It gives them enough’ room’ to be free! Only then you can serve God without anxiety of life. The assurance of salvation is rest for the soul and happiness for the body; it is blessing to the marriage and family! Seek for it as for silver and gold! Believer, do not be lazy!

*Do all things in God’s presence and for His glory. Eat and drink ‘before the throne of mercy and grace’. Did you eat bread this morning? Then be grateful! Many people did not have bread to eat! Be sure you do not take food for granted! There should be no complaining at the dinner table! Jesus said to all His servants: ‘Eat whatever is given to you…’

*’Enjoy life with your wife’…Marriage is a gift of God. Some are married and some are not. You are to trust God for the gift of marriage. It does not depend on beauty of money. It is God’s gift. You have to humble yourself to receive the gift of marriage. Also, you MUST be happily married! This is God’s command! Any disobedience to God’s command is called witchcraft (1Sam 15:23). Any unhappy marriage is connected with the occult. You have to choose between your wife and a witch. You can’t have both! Chose marriage! Be happy! Tell your wife (your husband) that you are grateful for coming into your life, for sharing all things together! I am sure you are not blind…you see other women more beautiful than you…you see other men richer than you…but God said that you shall be married and it was so! Be grateful!

*Be sexually and morally pure!

*Be anointed with the Holy Spirit and ready for ministry, anytime, anywhere! Be a Living Bible walking on two feet!

*Enjoy all things every day! Enjoy every minute for there is no another. Enjoy your marriage, your children and your family! Enjoy your church, driving to church, parking in front of your church…Enjoy the church activities, the choir rehearsals, the waiting for the service to start, the prayer times, the preaching of the Word, the worship, the offerings, the assembly of the brethren…Stop wishing for a better wife, a better church, a better opportunity to serve God and people…another opportunity may never come! Be at peace with all men!

* A personal touch: My husband and I we travel a lot. Traveling is not easy. It adds stress that comes with changing your environment and meeting strange people. We always pray that wherever we go we shall be ambassadors of Christ and messengers of peace. We pray that people will remember us for good and not for trouble. We pray that the Holy Spirit will use our words and actions to minister life to the people we meet, long after we have forgotten their names.

We have discovered the sweet secret of successful fulfilled life in Christ! The older we get, the sweeter it is! We are happy and enjoy our lives in all circumstances. It is a wonder for our traveling companions but also a challenge to them to be the same.

I write these words on my laptop in a hotel room, far away from home… in a country where 98% of the people are Muslims. I look outside the window and I see only mosques…But I also see the sun and the sea, the birds and the sky, the same everywhere…and I bow my head in worship… things may change, but God is forever the same…and that is enough for me!

May the Holy Spirit anoint this letter to touch your hearts and draw you closer to the God we serve!

In Jesus name


When you pray, be ready to be part of the answer

“O Lord, let Your ear be attentive to the prayer of this Your servant and to the prayer of all Your servants who delight in revering Your name. Grant Your servant success today by granting him favor in the presence of this man
I was cupbearer to the king”’ (Neh 1:11)
Nehemiah heard that Jerusalem and God’s Temple are fallen down. The remnant left behind was in ‘trouble and disgrace’. These words meant great sorrow, the shame of nakedness and despair cause by rape, by evil.
The walls of Jerusalem are broken down; its gates are burned with fire. It is a picture of total defeat. The reason for this total humiliation is because the people of God sinned against Him. The curses of disobedience are as real as the blessings coming on those who obey His Commands.
Nehemiah is in exile. He is the cupbearer of the king of Persia. He decided to do something about the situation. The first thing he does is to pray. Prayer is always the first thing!!! He confesses the sins of his people. He then pleads God’s promise of restoration. Please remember, restoration is God’s great work!!! God chastises His children when they sin, but He never completely abandons them. After they humble themselves, He creates ways to bring them back to Himself.
Nehemiah decides to go to the pagan king he serves. He prays to Jehovah for two things: one is success and the second is favor. The word ‘success’ means a profitable discussion, something that will end in practical benefits. Nehemiah does not want just greetings and an exchange of pleasantries. He needs help and money from a rich man who can provide that. The king is pagan but Nehemiah has faith that God can change any man.
Nehemiah also asks God for favor with the king. The word ‘favor’ is a very interesting word; it means the womb, the deep center of a mother’s mercy and loving compassion towards her unborn child. In other words, Nehemiah is asking God to grant a supernatural touch to the pagan king in such a way that he will fall in love and adopt this ‘baby’, the project to reconstruct Jerusalem. God answers his prayer and the pagan kings of Persia, one after another, sponsor the whole ‘contract’ to rebuild God’s house. He personally went to Jerusalem and supervised the work.
The great work of rebuilding Jerusalem and God’s temple and the coming back to the exiled Jews started with the prayer of this man Nehemiah and he desire to be part of God’s answer.
Are you willing to pray and to work like Nehemiah?
May your faith increase to trust God to use anybody, including the unbelievers, to sponsor His great work and your ministry!
May God bless them who bless you!
In Jesus name, amen!