Give Thanks!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever” (Ps 136:1)

God will give us many opportunities to praise and to thank Him. We shall weep less and praise Him more. We shall speak less and have greater impact. We will work less and receive more money. The signs and wonders will increase in our midst. Our destiny is to be fulfilled in Christ, satisfied spiritually. Giving thanks to God will become so easy, a life style of worship coming from union with Him. O, how I love Jesus…

The word ‘thanksgiving’ in Hebrew is similar with the word ‘hand’, specifically ‘open hand’. The word means power that is released in our ministry. We say and things happen! An open hand, like an unveiled face, says that there are no secrets, no hypocrisy, no deception; the Spirit has free flow thru us to open the eyes, to reveal the truth and penetrate deep in peoples hearts (2Cor 3:18; 4:1, 2). All preaching needs the oil of thanksgiving to be effectual. The ‘open hand’ of thanksgiving means that all greed is destroyed. Worship, thanks and adoration are to be freely offered. GIVE thanks! The alabaster box has to be broken. The fragrance of Christ has to be released, free like a bird from the cage. Worship starts on earth and like the love of God who ignites it, it endures forever in heaven. Heaven waits for us to supply thanks to Him who sits on the throne.

We are commanded to give thanks to God especially for His goodness. God is good! The word ‘good’ in Hebrew is very powerful and describes God’s character and His relationship with His children. It is a family word. The unbelievers do not know God to be good in this way. They share in the common grace, the blessing of rain and of sunshine. But they can’t appreciate the goodness of God; that is a special revelation of the believers only. That is why God’s children are commanded to thank the Father openly for His goodness, which is the best way to evangelize. Don’t be quiet about it!

‘Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness and for His wonderful works for the children of men!’ (Ps 107:8).

We have a tendency to forget the Source of our blessings and to take God for granted. Learn to give thanks to God and that will make your heart grateful. Worship God and healing for the body, soul and spirit will come (Ex 23:25, 26). Moses wanted to see the glory of God as a sign of approval upon His life and ministry. God answered His request by displaying His goodness. There is only one reaction to the manifestation of God’s goodness. It is to fall down and worship. Ask Moses! (Ex 33;34).

Give thanks to Elohim God, the Creator, the God of the book of Genesis (Ps 139:2-9). ‘In the beginning God created…’ (Gen 1:1). God alone does great wonders. God alone can give the gift of a new beginning. There are times when no other prayer ‘works’. That’s the time to say: ‘Lord, grant to me a new beginning!’ Each new beginning has creative power in it. God creates and He recreates.

In Christ we meet the God of Genesis, we become a new creation, old things are gone, everything becomes new! So much hope for the future! Be filled with the Spirit! Give God thanks for everything!

Glory to the Lamb!


4 comments on “Give Thanks!

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    In all things, and in every season, give thanks… so today, I give thanks to God for His love and mercy that is so generous to me. I give thanks for life, for love, for family… God is faithful and for that also I give thanks!

  2. Karen Koons says:

    O to be brought in as a Co-inherent of All Gods Blessings!! I Raise My Hands in Praise with a Thankful Heart to My Abba Father who Brings New Beginnings! knowing He Has recreated Me In His Image as His Daughter,May He Alone Increase in Me!! I Bow Down For How Great Thou Art!! This word was such a moving Encouragement to My Spirit,My Heart Leaps!! May Our Papa God Richly Bless You! Kindly,Karen .

    • Lia Leigh says:

      The Word is ‘moving’ you only because it is the Word of Life Eternal, established in heaven and sealed by the Holy Spirit. Blessed ‘moving’ of the heart, proof that you are a child of God indeed!

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