Free From Confusion!

I Am Free

Mental confusion is always abnormal. As a believer, you are supposed to hear and believe just one voice: God speaking to your spirit. His word is in perfect unity with the Bible. That is why you need to read the Bible daily. The more you study the Word of God, the easier it is for you to listen to the voice of God and to reject other voices.

Please remember that basically there are three voices we listen to: God the Holy Spirit, the devil and your own voice. You have to learn to differentiate them. Each has a different ‘sound’. Any time you are confused, it means that you are hearing more than one voice and more than one command. God never confuses His children. In case you hear the voice of God and you ignore it or chose to disobey it, then you have destroyed the fence of protection around you, and the devil can come in and talk to you. In other words, rebellion ends in confusion.

Temptation is not sin. Yielding to temptation by your own choice, that is sin. If you are saved, then you have only one Leader, one Shepherd the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to Him and you will never be confused by strangers’ voices, no matter how sweet or tempting they may be.

The opposite of confusion is simplicity; having the mind and heart of a child. If you are saved, then your life is simple. Confusion has no place in a believer’s mind. The voices of the hirelings and strangers can never have access to your mind; you will have the power to reject them (Jn 10:1-5). You have to walk in obedience daily and then you ‘shall overcome all the power of the enemy and nothing will harm you’ (Lk 10:19). Amen!

Let’s Pray:

‘Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you asking for mercy and grace in time of need. I need You. I confess that I have gone astray. I was deceived and went to the world looking for happiness, money and success. I found none and in the process I lost Your sweet fellowship and my assurance that You are with me. Help me Lord! I am at Your feet pleading for forgiveness and another chance to serve You. I will never take You for granted. I vow to give You all the glory for my deliverance and reconciliation with You.

I command you evil spirit of confusion, fear, witchcraft and all evil spirits to leave me and go away. I hate you. I reject you. I declare war against you. I destroy any covenant I made with you, knowingly or not; any promise that I made to you or to your agents, in the name of Jesus!

Holy Spirit, please fill me afresh! Restore to me the joy of my salvation!

I declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and there is no other!

Thank You Lord.

One comment on “Free From Confusion!

  1. says:

    Lord have mercy.My deliverance is sure,I am free indeed.All glory goes to You Lord.
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