‘Whatever is lovely…think of these things’ (Phil 4:8)
We just finished our prophetic prayer and intercession service called ‘Saturday class’. It is 7:30 pm. As I came down the stairs, three children followed me dressed in ‘poor, old’ clothes. They were holding hands. In the middle was the eldest, a girl of about 10. On each side she held her brother and sister, about 4 and 6 years old. They looked happy and they greeted me. I did not see any adult with them and asked:
Did you attend Saturday class?
The girl answered: Yes, mam!
I said: Where are your parents?
She said: They are at home… we came alone…we are the neighbors across the street.
Surprised I asked her: Did you learn anything at all tonight? (This is because what I taught the adults is far above their age).
She answered clearly and happily: ‘Yes, mam! A lot!’
Then dancing to a silent melody in their heart, they went away…
What a great encouragement for me! Children learn ‘a lot’ from my Bible studies?
Jesus is indeed ‘the joy of all generations’ (Is 60:15)

One comment on “A LOVELY THING

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    I love this… I pray that my children love the Lord with such a zeal.

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