Truth For Sale!

Why do people lie?
There are four main reasons:
*Wickedness (people make jokes, mock others using flattery or lies, causing pain and embarrassment, just for the fun of it)
*Fear (for fear of punishment, to avoid it)
*Greed (to make profit in business)
*Confusion (some people do not even know the difference between truth and lies anymore)

The devil is the origin of al lies and the father of liars. Each lie takes you closer to hell. Each lie, no matter how small, gives the devil a foot hold, access to your soul, from where he can continue to attack and torment.
Truth is conformity to reality. Truth is the unveiling of reality. Truth is a privilege and a gift from God.

I remember the time and the place where I became convicted of being a liar. I stopped and made a covenant with God that from that moment on I will always think and speak the truth until it becomes part of me. God uses truth and obedience to the revelation of it, to lead us into His presence.

God is seeking for worshippers to love Him in Spirit and in truth. You cannot lie on Saturday and expect to flow in worship on Sunday.

‘Buy the truth and sell it not!’ (PV 23:23)

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