My Tithe

I don’t want to preach a whole sermon on tithe to you. But in times like these, when the thieves increase in the land, I cannot avoid bringing it to notice.
These are some points about the tithe (I have practiced these over the years and I testify that they are true):
1. Tithe is a command from God the Father. God’s commands are to be obeyed. Period! Jesus did not cancel the tithe.
2. Tithe is the FIRST 10% of your increase (not of capital). It is the first, not any 10%. This is for us to remember that God is first!
3. Tithe is to be paid to the local church where the spiritual food is given to you. Occasionally the Holy Spirit may direct you to divide the tithe. Part of it may be given outside your local church, to a ministry that has consistently blessed you with the ministry of the Word. Obey the leading of the Holy Spirit!
4. Tithe is to be paid first, of all; then any other offerings is above the tithe. If you don’t pay the tithe, God will not receive your offerings, no matter how big the offering is. Without the tithe, your offerings are a waste.
5. Paying the tithe is a form of worship and it pleases God because of obedience.
6. God promises to bless the remaining 90% of your increase by preventing the devil from devouring it (there shall be no loss, no stealing, no unnecessary bills from hospital, accidents… etc.)
7. Paying my tithe has brought to me a peculiar joy that I am a responsible child of God. I have NEVER regretted paying my tithe.
“Test Me in this – says the Lord Almighty- if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it!” (Mal 3:10)

2 comments on “My Tithe

  1. Your personal testimony is not enough to establish doctrine in church; we base doctrines on scripture. In saying that, I really struggled to find scriptures that support your tithe stance.

    The command to tithe was given to the children of Israel alone through the law and in fulfilling all aspects of the law Jesus released us from it. Thus, tithing in the New Testament because absolutely redundant just like animal sacrifice, circumcision etc.

    Your definition of the tithe as the first 10% cannot be found anywhere in the bible. You seem to have arrived at this by amalgamating firstfruits and the tithe together. The tithe is not the first 10% of anything. The bible clearly defines the tithe as a TENTH of crops and livestock alone. A tithe of livestock was determined by counting off every tenth animal and separating it as the tithe. In the event the animals were not up to ten, the owner could not tithe.

    Your 3rd point cannot be found anywhere in the bible. Unless you are trying to equate the storehouse in the book of Malachi with the New Testament church. The storehouse referred to in the book of Malachi was the storehouse and nothing more. It was the place God ordered that all the tithes and offering be brought so that the Levites, priests, widows, orphans, foreigners and the tithers themselves could come and eat and be satisfied. So the reference to food in God’s house referred to physical food and nothing else.

    Truth be told, none of what you’ve written can be proven from scripture. The bible clearly tells us of the New testament that anything we give will be accepted as long as it has been given willingly and cheerfully, no where does it command a so-called 10% tithe.

    God bless.

  2. Silvia Lia Leigh says:

    Dear friend, you are right! Thank God I am not your God and my blog is not the Bible. Next time, when you see my blog, please just delete it. I pursue peace with all men! Let it be done to you according to your faith! All is well!

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