This should be the third ‘Saturday class’ that starts so slow…people looking tired and discouraged…passive and unhappy…the praise could not ‘pass the ceiling’…I felt that there was opposition, like religious spirits that wanted entertainment, or ‘church as usual’, or prayers for praying sake and nothing more…I felt that the religious spirits wanted to hijack the meeting…
It is rare that I stop all activities during a prayer meeting, but this time there was no other solution. It is like we started to sing with the wrong key and all people were struggling to sing…I told everybody to stop all things, the music, the worship team…to sit down on the chairs and just pray for mercy…We told God that without Him we can never move forward, that His presence cannot be replaced by anything and by anybody…we just pleaded for mercy…we asked for forgiveness in case we took His presence for granted…then slowly, the anointing descended and the fire, the passion was kindled once more…in less than thirty minutes, suddenly all people stood up and praised God with dancing and clapping and shouting…the difference in atmosphere was so great, it looked like the first group of people was replaced with another…even the children sensed the presence of God and were jumping and singing all over the sanctuary…
The song we sang again and again was this:
“I waka, waka, I saw no one, I searched, I searched: I saw no one, I turned around and still no one, There is no one like You Lord! There is no one like Jesus!”
“O Lord, I have heard Your speech and was afraid; O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years! In the midst of the years make it known. In wrath remember mercy!” (Habakkuk 3:2)

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