Dirty but rich

Portugal_oxen_cartWithout oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest (PV 14:4, NLT)
If you insist that your house is always clean, then do not pray to have children. Labor has its own debris. The women that sell fish smell like fish. But I admire them; they are not lazy and they provide a good income for their home.
An ox smells bad and makes the place dirty. But the ox is strong enough to carry loads and that’s good business (Ps 144:14).An ox is better than a horse in many ways. The horse eats only special type of grass. But the ox eats what the horse has rejected and rarely gets sick. It goes working for longer hours and it is much more faithful and emotionally stable than a horse. The horns can be used and the meat is good to eat.
When I was much younger I used to apologize when visitors come to my house, saying that it is not clean enough. Then I will go and visit others who have no children and their houses look ‘perfect’. Over the years I learned that it is much better to pay the price for life. If you insist that your church should always be clean, then it may end up empty too. If you desire revival and pray for it, there shall be manifestations from unclean spirits to distract, confuse and make the place look ‘dirty’. But all these are not good reasons to quench the Holy Spirit.
The labor room in the hospital never looks totally clean. In the same way, revival can be messy sometimes. I now chose a less than ‘perfect’ house but with life, anointing, power and riches in it.

One comment on “Dirty but rich

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    I like this a lot. I am grateful for a season of clean houses, and a season where the house is messy with the marks of a child. In all this give thanks and as long as God resides there, it is a beautiful home, a dwelling place.

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