Revival again!

A true historical revival is when the Holy Spirit comes down on a big territory and changes the history of that land. Peace may or may not follow revival but many souls are saved radically. Revival is not an evangelistic crusade. It is purely the work of God. Men can pray for it, but revival proves that God is sovereign in the affairs of men.
Revival is primarily the coming back to life of a believer. The people who benefit the most are the backsliders. They were dead is sins and rebellion. A dead believer is someone who goes to church, is faithful in activities but he is inwardly dead to spiritual things. The primary condition when praying for revival is hunger for more of God!
God shows Ezekiel a valley filled with dead bones (Ezekiel 37: 1-14). A valley is the lowest space between two mountains. One represents the past successes and the next mountain represents the future success. The first thing that ignites prayer for revival is the true vision of our spiritual condition. If God does not show you the dry bones in the valley you will never be interested the pray for resurrection life, for revival. Opened eyes are the first step for revival prayer. You need a vision of the need of God. Revival is more caught than it is thought. The bones are many, dead, dry (the environment around them is dry) and scattered. Like broken dreams in the valley of disappointment, these bones are useless for anything at all. Then the command from God, Jehovah Adonai comes: “Prophesy over these bones, that they may live!” The prophetic anointing will increase and will be established more and more in 2013. More believers will refuse to be intimidated by the death, dryness and confusion of their situation. They will pray, praise and also prophesy. God will use their prophetic statements to produce life in the most hopeless situations. There shall me a moving, a strange, new noise of coming together. Each bone will find its place in the body in proper alignment. None will be missing. None will be dislocated. The rib will find its owner and marriages approved in heaven will be signs following revival. The end result will be a mighty trained miraculous army who will change the face of the earth. Following their Commander wherever He goes, they will occupy the land for the King of the Universe and will bring glory to Him on earth. Their reward will be paid on earth and in heaven. They shall live and be settled each in his own land. And they shall know that Jehovah Adonai has spoken! Revival is coming soon!
“You land of Warri, Nigeria; you shall live and give glory to God. There shall be no more violence in the land. There shall be peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Many souls will be saved. The wicked shall run away for lack of opportunities to deceive, for from the least to the greatest, they shall know the Lord!”

3 comments on “Revival again!

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    AMEN!!! We need revival in our land! We need a mighty move of God to sweep through our churches and our lives…

  2. Karen Koons says:

    Amen Its is My Heart Cry for revival within Me that I might be rejuvenated in the Holy Spirit oil for those dry crevasses that even I may miss,Heal Me O Lord! I Pray In Jesus Name!! Oil My Lamp Abba Father I want to shine before all man that they see you!!. .I need your touch!! Thanks You for sharing this with Me as You prepare for Your Revival at the Father’s House I am praying for wonders and miracles to shower all !!I Pray for all The Minsters Strength and Power in Jesus Name Kindly,Karen

    • fatherscall says:

      Revival starts with HUNGER FOR MORE OF GOD! If you are a believer and you want to love God even more, then pray for revival. Then you need to see the need for revival in your life, marriage, family, church, city…WE often are blind to this need and cover up with superficial prayers…Do not pray amiss…pray to the point: Prophesy to the dead, spiritualy stagnant areas of your life…let the Blood of Jesus flow there…let ‘the clay color of death’ become the rose blooming in the desert…Let there be light! and it was light! In Jesus name, amen!

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