See you up there, my friend!

3 eagles
“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.” (Is 40:31)
The eagle is a royal bird. One of the cherubs around the throne of God has the face of an eagle. Eagles inspire us!
Eagles know how to be lonely and they know how to rejoice as families. Eagles flock together. They never mix with other birds. We pray for discernment and be careful with the people we call friends. Just as light cannot mix with darkness, as a believer do not be intimate with an unbeliever.
Eagles do not eat dead things; only the vultures do.
We take the Holy Communion, the Body and the Blood of Christ, the Living God.
Eagles mate for life. But they test each other before commitment. The female takes a twig up in the air and drops it. The interested male will go and catch it and return it to her. Then she flies higher and drops it again. The male is to go and faithfully catch it each time. Any male that gets tired of cooperating, working or playing with her, will be rejected.
A righteous person is prudent and prayerful when choosing the life partner. Be friends, be co-laborers in God’s vineyard, study the other ministry before you even consider a marriage candidate. Can you pray together? Can you repent together? Can you rejoice together? Test before commitment into marriage!
During winter, some eagles have to migrate to other places. If they have to leave the nest, the eagles migrate alone, for safety purposes. But in spring time, they come back from different places to the same nest. They openly rejoice to find each other again. They fly together, hunt together, just for the pure pleasure to reconciliation. The lesson here is that both husband and wife need to be strong individually, to withstand pressures of loneliness in ministry and life in general. The period of separation may be hours or days, but there is always a rejoicing, a coming back together, ever sweeter.
In old age, the eagle goes away to a lonely spot and plucks al his feathers by himself. Then he patiently waits for them to grow back again. That is a lonely and vulnerable place to be. But the new feathers are stronger than the old ones and he comes back to his nest with renewed power and zeal for life.
The Cross is not just history. Unbelievers totally ignore its call. As a believer, you are supposed to know its power intimately, to trust God for seasons of hiding and for the power to push you higher than even before. This power of resurrection is the sure and unique stamp of the true child of God!
In the scripture above, all the words are plural. You have to imagine many eagles helping one another to fly higher than ever before. This is the power of the encouragement in the Body of Christ. If you are discouraged, look at another believer, and rise from self-pity! If you are bored with the Bible, admire the hunger for righteousness in another and get up to pay the price for it! If you are afraid of your environment, see other believers who face worst temptations than you and still stand to confront the enemy! If you are in doubt, imitate other believers who persevere unto the end, focused and faithful!
You are an eagle, not a chicken! Look for other eagles! God’s eagles!
The marathon race is hard. Many start but few finish it. The champions tell you that it is easy to start, then hardest in the middle of it. But if you persevere, then suddenly the joy of receiving the crown will ignite a new, strange power in you, the secret deposit of the Holy Spirit within. I have experienced it. I witness to the glory and the never ending reserves of Christ in me, the hope of Glory! There is point when you can confidently say: No more weariness, no more fainting!
So, rise up like the eagles, on the wings of prayer and praise!
I’ll see you up there, my friend!

One comment on “See you up there, my friend!

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    This is so good… It is so important to pick carefully who you walk life’s journey with. I read somewhere that who you marry directly affects your happiness. So I thank God for discernment and ordering my steps. Thanks for sharing… also… I found it very enlightening to read about the eagle. It is always so good to learn. When Matthew and I were in San Juan we drove to the rainforest. It was beautiful there. We hiked to the highest viewing point. There you could see the entire rainforest for as far as your eyes could go. It was a struggle getting up and many times I wanted to give up, but when I heard the eagles, I knew were close and that inspired me to push a little more. Finally at the top you could see the majestic bird soaring. It was breathtaking. The wind was stronger there being thousands of feet above sea level, but they looked like they were enjoying it. What a beautiful sight to see, God’s creation is magnificent!

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