Do not miss it!

Naaman was a general in the Syrian army, ‘a mighty man of valor. But he was a leper’ (2Kg 5). He was a pagan but God’s eye was on him for salvation. The source of his military success in the Assyrian army was Jehovah. Syria as a nation was the enemy of Israel. They attacked God’s people and occupied their land. They killed many and some were carried away as slaves.
(When God told Jonah to go and preach to them he ran in the opposite direction. Jonah could not imagine that God will show mercy to the Syrians. This is just to know how much the Jews hated their violent and wicked neighbors.)
Among the prisoners of war there was a young Jewish woman who became the maid to the wife of Naaman. Maybe the general killed her parents but he had pity on her and brought her home to his wife. She could have been bitter against her master or even against God. But she was surely a woman of God who prayed and found God in ‘her prison’ circumstances. She suggests that Naaman goes to Israel to see Prophet Elisha who will heal him from his deadly, incurable leprosy. This sister had true faith in Jehovah Rapha, the God of her people. She recommended the prophet Elisha by faith, because up to this moment he did not heal any of leprosy. O, the blessing this girl was to Elisha who possibly needed a confirmation to start his healing ministry.
Naaman does what any sinner will do. He took with him a letter of recommendation from his king. He also loaded his chariot with gold, money and gifts. All sinners think that they can bribe God or buy His favor… Rejected by the King of Israel as a trouble maker, Naaman went to see the prophet. Elisha did not even greet him or ‘personally’ pray for him as he expected. He just sent a message that he should go to the River Jordan, dip seven times in its muddy waters, and he shall be clean.
It was such a simple message…even children understand that! But to Naaman, like with all sinners, the word of grace, the message of the Cross is total foolishness and it is to be rejected as ‘a waste of time’. Naaman becomes angry thinking that he was deceived by his forced humiliation. This is the turning point in this story. Naaman almost missed his miracle! But a wise soldier in his entourage advises him to simply obey the word of the prophet, like a child obeys his father. He grudgingly went, did just that, and was healed and saved. Immediately Naaman freely testifies: ‘Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel!’
This story encourages us to listen to the voice of God, even if we do not like ‘the package’ from where it comes. The house maid, the prophet and the wise soldier, God used all these people to direct Naaman to humility and obedience. These are found only at the cross of Christ. The ‘dirty’ river Jordan stands for Christ crucified. If you are baptized in His death, if you share in His shame and rejection, then you shall live! You shall be healed!
This is the conclusion: It is not enough to have a need. It is not enough to pray for healing. Obey God and obey His prophets! Obedience leads to the supernatural, to life, to miracles. Jesus said that there were many leprous people in Israel but they were not healed because of religious pride or unbelief (Lk 4:27).
May your suffering bring you closer to God!
May pride not deceive you to miss your miracle!
May unbelief not deceive you to miss your miracle!
(in the picture is me being baptised in the River Jordan, in Israel)Me at River Jordan<img src="http://fatherscall

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