The silence of God

“And when Saul enquired of the Lord, the Lord answered him not, neither by dreams, nor by Urim, nor by prophets.
Then said Saul unto his servants, Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit, that I may go to her, and enquire of her. And his servants said to him, Behold, there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor” (1Sam 28:5-7)
In this passage Saul is an old king. For a long time, he has walked in stubborn rebellion against God. All those years, Saul was unwilling to repent and come back to God. Samuel prophesied that because he refused to fight God’s battles and kill God’s enemies, his throne shall not endure. Samuel also said that his ‘neighbor’, David, ‘a man after God’s heart’ shall take his crown.
Saul is now afraid that the time for the fulfillment of the prophetic statements has come. He is afraid to die. His longtime enemies, the Philistines, are ready to go to war with him. He needs a divine guidance, any word from God. He knows that if God is on his side, the victory is sure. But God has not spoken to him at all for many years. His dreams were all terror. He killed the priests and the prophets of God with sword.
Saul thinks of a way to by-pass the silence of God. He does not take the usual way of prayer and worship to seek God’s face. He goes indirectly, by a forbidden road that God hates. He seeks a medium, a witch who, he believes, will help him extract a word from God about his future. Surprisingly, God manifests Himself in the ‘shrine’ of the witch. He answers the king thru a spirit resembling the late Samuel. But the word Saul was looking for brings no comfort at all. God, the Judge of all the earth tells him that he will die in the battle the next day and his throne shall go to David.

What is the spiritual lesson?
There are many people who live rebellious lives for many years. They do not pray and they do not go to church. But when they are in trouble, they want a word of knowledge, a prophetic word of direction and comfort.
The truth is that God desires a life time of committed fellowship with Him. The Word of God should be our daily bread, our daily strength and daily encouragement. We cannot manipulate God to answer us when we like it. God will not allow Himself to be used by men for selfish reasons. Even if the man is on his death bed and in great need, God is not moved by the request of his sinful heart. God does not owe man! Jesus died on the Cross to pay for our sins! All God’s dealings with men are in Christ alone, by His grace alone, His own time and His own way!
What Saul could have done?
Saul should have been worried that God refuses to speak to Him all those years. The truth is that God answered him thru His silence. The lack of words, the lack of chastisement…that is an answer! Saul should have repented and in complete honesty and humility of spirit should have sought God’s face for a new beginning in his life, long before he was face to face with death!

May we never desire to manipulate God!
May we never desire to use occult means to hear from God!
May we be ever sensitive when we sin and quickly repent!
May we be ever sensitive when we grieve the Holy Spirit and quickly repent!
May we hate sin!
May we trust the true prophets of God!
May we desire a life of faithful obedience to God!
May we serve and worship God, in Spirit and in truth, all the days of our lives!
May God be pleased with our love, our sacrifices, our labor and our faith in Him!
May we live long, successful, victorious, fruitful and blessed lives, for God’s glory alone!
In Jesus name, amen!

2 comments on “The silence of God

  1. It is not often that I think of King Saul and think of what he should have done. I just read about his mistakes and what he did. The truth is that, he could have done things differently. Even if you still receive certain consequences for your action it is important to be in right standing with God. Thanks for giving me a new perspective on how to read about Saul.

    • Lia Leigh says:

      We should never accept defeat or doubt as a way of life! Faith is always the best option, even if we have made mistakes in the past!

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