Breaking the Alabaster Box with dancing

“Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might, while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets” (2Sam 6:14, 15)
This is one of the most touching storied in the Bible. Jesus is getting ready to go to the cross. The religious leaders became frustrated trying to arrest and kill Him. They were looking for ‘a sly’ way to capture God without offending His people.
This is a very great revelation: in Greek, the words ‘seeking to kill’ are the same with the words ‘seeking to worship’. Herod sought Jesus to kill Him and the Wise men sought the same Jesus to worship Him. You can see, same words, opposite actions…O, how the appearances deceive so many… how religion has ‘killed’ truth and the joy of salvation…but yes, it is possible to find Jesus in the midst of sinners and murderers of His presence…Seek until you find Him whom the world wants dead…Seek Jesus and you shall find eternal life!
Mary decides ‘to sacrifice’ the most expensive treasure she has: an alabaster box of very expensive, fragrant ointment (Mk 14:1-11). The price of it was about a year of wages.
Worship is sacrifice. It will cost you personally. It will cost you time, money, and emotions. The religious people will despise you and you shall lose your standing with them. No true worshipper still keeps his reputation in the midst of religious ‘wolves’. Your worship shall trigger anger in others, enough to destroy and kill the best of men. Do not be deceived, worshipping God is costly!
David understood the power of the presence of God. The law of God is simple: he who hosts the Ark , that man and his house hold shall be blessed beyond measure. The joy of worship manifests itself in music, singing and dancing. That is what David did. He brought the Ark of God into Jerusalem with the sound of trumpets. Did you hear that sound? TA-TA-TAAAAAA!!!!! That is godly, flesh- disturbing noise! Boast that you know your God! Sing unto God a new song for Him alone! Dance on that holy ground until your feet hurt!
Please observe: David did not dance for entertainment! He did not dance to please the lust of flesh. David did not even dance at the beat of the drums…Just like Mary of Bethany, David danced at the hidden music, the beat of his heart, as worship overflew the bounds of his spirit…
For as long as church is ‘as usual’ the Holy Spirit will remain ‘cold’ and He will not move. But when God’s children step into the light of His presence, with grateful hearts and dancing feet, the religious ice melts and God’s smile is revealed once more.
Do not seek miracles! Seek the God of miracles and all good things shall follow!
Now, let the trumpets sound and let the worship begin…
Let’s dance…

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