‘Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever!’

The people of God provoked Him with their sins again and again. He saved them from their enemies, made a path thru the Red Sea for them to walk on a dry ground; gave them food and healed their diseases. But they took God for granted and refused to be grateful.

This is a list of some of their sins (Psalm 106)

*They ‘were bent on rebellion’

*They did not ponder on the purpose of the miracles

*They forgot God’s many acts of kindness

*They soon forgot God’s mighty deeds to save them

*They coveted other things to make them happy

*They coveted the position of leadership of Moses and Aaron and rebelled against them

*They made idols and worship them in place of God

*They forgot God Himself, their Savior who brought them out from the house of bondage

*They despised the Promised Land

*They doubted God’s promises and replaced them with their covetous desires

*They secretly grumbled in their tents against God and His chosen leaders

*They did not obey God’s Word and His commands

*They sacrificed their children to ‘lifeless gods’, shedding innocent blood

*They ‘mingled with the nations’ becoming friends with the world

*They intermarried with the unbelievers and worshipped their idols

*They prostituted with the pagan idols

This list is so sad. This list is not complete. The result is that God became angry. He answered their request for strange pleasures and illegal happiness but He also punished them in the midst of them/ They became sick in their bodies and minds. They lost their special position of leadership among the nations. They were scattered and lost their identity as God’s priests and kings.

The solution is to come back to God with all our heart. We have to confess all our sins, especially the sin of rebellion and pride. We are to separate ourselves from the nations, reject friendship with them and chose once more to be alone with God.

Then God will hear our prayers, revive our souls, heal our bodies and restore us to the primary purpose of our lives: to know and serve God alone forever!

‘Remember me O Lord when You show favor to Your people…’ (Ps 106:4)

In Jesus name,


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