“Blessed is he who considers the poor;

The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.

The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive,

And he will be blessed on the earth;

You will not deliver him to the will of his enemies.

The Lord will strengthen him on his bed of illness;

You will sustain him on his sickbed” (Ps 41:1-3)


This week I was sick with malaria. For the people who do not live in the Tropical areas, I add this information: Malaria is a mosquito borne infectious disease. The symptoms are similar with the flu: fever, rigors, body pains, fatigue and loss of appetite. The total duration may be about a week and then there is recovery. Some cases can be very serious and the patients die.

I live in Nigeria since 1980. I do not take preventive medication against malaria. My body’s immunity is higher than that of visitors to this area. I keep my house mosquito free as much as I can. Then I pray for God’s protection. But occasionally I get sick, like what happened this week.

I took malaria medications and I prayed for healing. Then I waited to see what lessons I can learn from these days of discomfort. For nothing happens by mistake to a child of God. This is the fifth day since the beginning of the sickness. I already feel better and I feel the strength pouring in, little by little.

This letter is not to ask for well wishes from anybody (thank you anyway…). It is so to remind ourselves that we are human and that in whatever trials we pass in this life, we should learn from one another.


I want to say that during these days of sickness, my mind was restless not about my condition, but about preparing the message for the prophetic ‘Saturday Class’. The word for this season was this: ‘it is time to climb the mountain of spices’! We said that as a church, we should let go of the ‘lower, valley’ vision of Christ and that we should press on towards spiritual maturity. The last word was: ‘Keep moving!’

By the grace of God I am the class teacher and the leader of the prophetic pilgrims. I did not expect to get sick half a way the resting place. But this is the reality and I have to wrestle with the Word to find a revelation for this unexpected need. I prayed and pleaded with God for strength and healing. Today is Friday. I need total healing in less than 24 hours. For my students will wait for me and especially for God’s Word. This was the only reason I could plead for God to grant me healing.  I do not have the luxury of a bed rest in a five star hotel by the beach. God’s sheep and lambs are waiting tomorrow for their food and provision.


As I pondered about the situation, my eyes fell on Psalm 41. I read the first three verses…I discovered that there is a provision of supernatural healing from any sickness at all (!!!) for them who ‘consider the weak’. What does it mean? Do I qualify?

The word ‘consider’ in Hebrew describes an intelligent and successful man, one who is prudent in all his ways; because he is so successful he has become  a teacher, an expert in the field of successful living. He is able to find the solution to any problem, no matter how complicated it is. This man represents God in His function as the Wonderful Counselor. This considering man will give you hope in any situation.

The word ‘weak’ is the opposite. It means someone who has failed in life and now he is in great need; someone who is empty, dry, hungry and is dying. His friends have betrayed him and now they are happy that is sick and dying. Without God’s Word and His Blessings, his situation is completely hopeless.

As I pondered about these words, I discovered that there is healing for me. I truly qualify to open God’s pharmacy door and take whatever I need. I felt God’s presence and I saw the open door of His healing!

This is what was in my mind all these days: God’s people are waiting for me…I need to help the weak! I need to teach the ignorant! I need to be in the church tomorrow! How can sickness stop God’s work? It is impossible!

Gently, the Holy Spirit came closer and He touched me. He healed me!

When I started writing this letter, I was slow…Right now my fingers are fast and my heart rejoices…I smile…God heals them who unselfishly ‘consider the weak’! God heals them who are concerned for the progress of His people!  This is the end of the matter!

Lastly, I say to you: ‘By the grace of God…I will see you tomorrow on the slopes… Keep moving!’

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  1. I will see you on the slopes.

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