This is our testimony: I was sick with malaria since Monday. I trusted God for the healing for the pilgrims were waiting for me. I was shivering when I entered the sanctuary at 4:50. Then Pastor Trish started the prayers. Favor, our worship leader sent her daughter with the message that she too has malaria. I told her to still go on and praise God like this. She started slow, then suddenly the Holy Spirit took over and she started singing with power a much loved chorus: “The Church is marching on…the church is marching on…The gates of hell cannot prevail… the Church is marching on!” I felt the fever leaving me and she too was strong.
I confronted them with past unresolved fears and failures. For example, after years of trekking, they pray to own and drive a Jeep. Then let’s say God gives it to them. Happily they enter the car and suddenly they experience a strange fear about armed robbers taking the car away from them. For all the years in poverty, using public transport, they never experienced this fear. We prayed to let go of these fears if not the doubt of progress will hinder them and all of us, as a group of pilgrims going higher on the mountain of God.
Spiritually speaking, climbing mountains is a skill to be acquired. The vision and the heart of a champion shall be provided by God to them who are willing to mature spiritually. Many are called to dwell in the comfort zones of an ordinary Christian life. Few are chosen by God for leadership and inspiration.

One of the great hindrances we shall experience is the fear of the unknown. Closely associated with this, are the fear of heights and the fear of falling. These are common fear to all men. They start in childhood when the parents instill fear in their children for their own protection. They tell them not to go far away from home, not to climb trees or ladders. For their safety, the parents want to control the children minds and environment. They are told that they should not welcome strangers or new experiences; they should not take risks or to go to dangerous places. If the children try new things, that is equaled with rebellion. This mind set to please their parents becomes a stronghold of fear that kills any desire of adventure later in life. The children, now adults, conform themselves to the world and hate anything different, like travel or understanding other cultures. Their choices are connected with the same environment that they have mastered for years. They make friends from among their colleagues; they marry their neighbors…
Spiritually speaking, they depend on their denomination’s doctrines and values and fear any other perspective. Their growth is stunted and they resist any challenges to mature as Believers. Practically speaking, they may be born again but they hate the doctrine of the Baptism and the Filling with the Holy Spirit. This type of fear accompanied with a number of familiar symptoms like, rapid pulse, dry mouth, constant perspiration, lack of clear thought and speech, trembling in fear, fear of dying, anxiety attacks or breathing troubles.
Once the child becomes saved, he has a new perspective of things. He will be led by the Holy Spirit, feeling safe to go to new strange places. His friends change, his attitude to life change. He knows that safety and peace is not the absence of challenges, but it is where the Holy Spirit is.
As a believer, you have to confront your past fears so that you can keep moving, keep climbing the mountain of Transfiguration. You have to pray and set yourself free from their incapacitating shackles. Your natural parents were full of anxieties and refused to move ahead; that was in the past. But now, as a Believer in Christ you now belong to the family of God and your vision is different. Listen to this:
“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God” (Rom 12;1,2)
Lastly, this is foundational: all fears except the holy fear of God are from the devil. If you are a child of God you should reject them instantly. Do not bargain with your fears…Reject them in the name of Jesus!
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2Tim 1:7)
I still remember the impact the above verse made on me when I became saved. I sat down and dwelt upon it. I settled with God in my heart that I will always reject fears, that I will not allow any such evil foothold in my heart. This is Rock on which you can stand. It will never disappoint you and you will never be put to shame if trusting God’s word you reject all fears. I tried it for many years and it has worked for me 100%. You go on and try it too…

3 comments on “STEP TWO (b): KEEP MOVING!

  1. Lori says:

    Thank you, Malia, for sharing this testimony. I never knew that I could reject my fears. I just thought that I had to live with them, deal with them, and pray that God would remove them in His timing. But I thank you for telling me that I can reject all of my fears, in the name of Jesus! I receive this word today.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      In other words, you say that you did not know that you can reject your demons… Fear is an evil spirit (2Tim 1:7). The demons have stayed long enough with you. Their entrance came thru the evil spirit of religion. In the past, a pastor told you that spiritual warfare is not necessary and you believed that lie. It is that long ago lie that opened the door for more demons to come in and put you in a bondage for so many years. I am very happy for you! I am trying to imagine the joy that will follow you from now on! Well done Lori! Praise the Lord!

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